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6 Celebrities Who Rocked Fake Hair for the 2017 Emmys

The Emmys are always a time for celebrities to debut their freshly peeled faces, newly coiffed locks and recent hardcore fitness regimens.  The 69th Primetime Emmy Awards saw many of Hollywood's titans show off their glam best and for many, it's a time to celebrate the magic of hair extensions and faux follicles. While unsuspecting home viewers would hardly doubt all the long locks and  Rapunzel manes, the following celebs pulled off the ultimate bait and swish (as in hair):

Here are 6 Celebrities Who Rocked Fake Hair for the 2017 Emmys:

1. Reese Witherspoon

Over the years, Reese has maintained her Legally Blonde hair color and only once dabbled with the dark side for a film role about Johnny Cash called Walk the Line. But as an eternal Southern belle, Witherspoon stays dedicated to her lightened sorority sister tresses. For the Emmys, the thin and fine haired star of Big Little Lies added thickness and volume to her wispy locks with the help of some clip-in weave.

2. Sarah Hyland

Sarah is not one to stay in the same hair lane. She regularly debuts new colors, styles and extensions. Hardly recognizable with a short bob on Instagram, Hyland's actual hair is pretty frail and fine after an excess of extensions and bottles of bleach. For the Emmy's, the Modern Family star showed off dark chocolate hair extensions with big barrel curls.

3. Jane Fonda

While few most 79 year olds are rocking elastic waistband pants and bad perms, Jane Fonda is another league and hit the Emmys red carpet in a hot pink dress and a ponytail piece. Clearly not the former fitness mogul's real tresses, the controversial political activist and actress is unashamed of her pretend hair.

4. Jessica Biel

In April of 2017, Mrs. Timberlake was seen promoting her USA television show The Sinner at the Tribeca Film Festival--it appears that since that time Jess has "grown" a lion's mane of hair. Recently she has responded to the online hate over her bad bangs and is now seen clipping them up and growing them out. In her Emmy's look, Jessica went for a big bouffant hairstyle with a free forehead. Poor Jessica, for having more money than most people will earn in a lifetime, she sure has a hard time finding a decent hairstyle or the right stylist.

5. Gabrielle Union

Gabby Union decided that when it came to her hair, the Emmys was a time to go big or go home. With seriously puffy and poffy extensions, she took the term 'power pony' to new heights. If you want the same textured and towering follicle party, it can be recreated at home with Gabby's haircare line Flawless.

6. Issa Rae

She has a critically acclaimed HBO TV show called Insecure, but comedian and actress Issa Rae looked completely confident at the Emmys last night. With flawless makeup, a one shoulder red dress and a crown hair braid that made her look fresh and fab, Rae brought her A game to the parade of glitz and glam. No real hair needed.

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Kitty said...

I was really surprised Nicole Kidman's giant wig didn't make the list.