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8 Times Taylor Swift Borrowed from Pop Culture for Her Look What You Made Me Do Video

Releasing her first song in three years, the Swiftie Squad was in mega meltdown more when TayTay premiered her new revenge anthem "Look What You Made Me Do" on August 27th. Nearly 80 million haters and fans have seen the video in a mere 72 hours. Taylor's video has caused celebrity haters and frenemies to bristle at the sudden deluge of questions over the vid. Many are claiming Taylor's creative grudge-fueled comeback song is all about mocking and menacing those who have slammed her or ruined her 'reputation.'

The video is chocked full of hidden meaning, symbolism and DL messages. Beyond the Da Vinci Code-esque antics, it seems Taylor has lifted a little inspo from pop culture. Maybe calling the 'Look What You Made Me Do' video an original masterpiece, is a bit of a stretch. Taylor throws a lot of shade but girl still borrows from those who paved the way.

Here are 8 Times Taylor Swift Borrowed from Pop Culture for her  'Look What You Made Me Do' video:

1. Michael Jackson Played Zombie First

In the opening sequence of the Look What You Made Me Do video, Taylor rises from a grave and is suddenly a zombie. The undead Taylor's (reputation) is mad as hell and is buried next to her alter-ego and author persona, Niles Sjoberg. While this is a spectacular scene with Taylor in full-on Walking Dead mode, it's actually MJ who started it all with the dancing zombie in his "Thriller" music video.

2. Britney Bathed in Diamonds

Sure, Taylor swift knows that diamonds are a girl's best friend--she is bathed in 10 million worth of stones in the tub but many celebs have also been blinded by bling in the bath. Take for instance Britney Spears on the cover of YM magazine or even Jessica Simpson soaking in sparkly things. As an interesting side note, lyrically it's speculated that Taylor is dissing on Kim Kardashian with talk of a "perfect crime" while being submerged in jewels in the bathtub--the exact place Kim was left during the infamous jewelry heist.

3. Madonna Loves Her Lookalikes 

In concert during the last decade Madonna has danced around dopplegangers dressed as different personas from her past. This retrospective is always a crowd favorite as it highlights the most famous songs from her whole musical history. Taylor appears to have borrowed from Madge's playbook and dressed like various famous versions of herself. 

4. Rihanna Also Played the Game of Thrones

It seems every music maven wants or needs to have a throne. Rihanna has sat on a golden chair in concert and in videos while Queen BeyonceNicki Minaj and Mariah Carey also love a high chair.

5. Shakria Loves Full-On Fishnets

With an army of eight dancers (possibly representing all 8 of Taylor's exes), TS make an entrance in her fishnet military garb that looks classic bootcamp Beyonce but with a twinge of Shakira for good measure. 

6. The Backstreet Boys Mastered Music at an Airplane Hangar 

Sure, Taylor has mad attitude at the airport standing next to a private jet she slashes with a chainsaw. #badass. Was this country crooner the first musician to ever use a plane prop in a music video? Nah, BSB did it long ago in their video "I Want it That Way."

7. Bondage has Been Done Before

Taylor is a mean and mad head mistress seeing over her squad in a very Hunger Games style scene. Is Tay the first one to bring whips and chains into a music video? Nope. Miley, Madonna and Lady Gaga have all played dominatrix. 

8. Red Kimonos are Everywhere

It seems Taylor's red avant garde kimono look is awfully reminiscent of rival Katy Perry's red cape and latex Vogue cover. In this particular scene from the video, Taylor is covered in serpent jewelry, while snakes are slithering up the stairs and Et tu, Brute is inscribed on a skull on the armrest of her golden throne. Coincidence? Time for a cat fight ladies. 

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