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12 Times Meghan Markle Dressed Like Princess Diana

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry couldn't be more opposites. Raised in different worlds, both of Markle's parents have filed for bankruptcy while Prince Harry comes from royalty and one of the richest families in England. Markle, born and raised in Los Angeles, struggled as an actress (even appearing on game show Deal or No Deal), model and part-time calligrapher and blogger, while Harry went to the finest schools and served in the British Army. Markle is said to have had a huge admiration and interest in the royal family from an early age--reportedly watching hours of Princess Diana on repeat.

Not considered a bona fide fashionista yet, Markle likely has subconsciously or consciously imitated and been influenced by her boyfriend's late mother, who was a true trendsetter and style icon. Meghan often replicates the steady standbys of Diana's street style--opting for casual men's button-up shirts, long dusters or puffer coats (Diana prefferred blazers) and the beloved boots and denim combo (Diana and Meghan). For elegant affairs, Meghan often imitates Princess Di's love of all thing classic, modest and sophisticated. Meghan often wears slim pencil skirts (especially as her character Rachel Zane on Suits), bright, fun colors and edgy details like lace, ruffles or funky gathered or pleated details. Diana also frequently wore lace, loved printed and pretty, feminine colors and stepped out in pointed pumps like Markle today.

Many rumors persist that it won't be long before Prince Harry proposes to his Toronto-based lady love. Both recently took a private vacation to Africa around Markle's August 4th birthday. If Meghan is wed to the Prince she will take on a new moniker--the HRH Princess Henry of Wales. When married and Harry is made a Duke, Meghan will then become a Duchess. Not too bad for a woman who once couldn't afford to fix her car to make it to acting auditions.

Here are 12 Times Meghan Markle Dressed Like Princess Diana:

1. Lovely in Lace

2. Ravishing in Red

3. Perfection in Purple

4. Beautiful in Black

5. Stunning in Sequin

6. Wondrous in White

7. Trendy in Tied Shirts

8. Timeless in a Trench

9. Sophisticated in Black and Blue

10. Sensational in Snowy Skirts

11. Captivating in Teal Blue Bikinis

12. Dashing in Denim

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