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12 Most Outrageously Overpriced Items at TJMaxx.Com

If you haven't heard--TJMaxx has expanded in a big way--they're taking their fashion game to a new level and offering their wares online including clothing, shoes, home decor and bath items. They recently even added lingerie, bras and shapewear as well harvest happy fall items. Hallelujah. For those Maxxinistas, the arrival of online shopping at TJMaxx is nothing short of a miracle. While there are many style steals to be found on this discount suburban chain's fully loaded shopping site, there are also a few surprises buried in the pages of $10 sweaters and $15 totes.

Here are the 12 Most Outrageously Overpriced Items at TJMaxx.Com:

1. Valentino Garavani, $749
Sure, they're soft and sexy Italian designed leather heels with classy cool girl studs but are they worth an $800 price tag? Even gorg embellished ivory pumps seem a tad spendy at this price point. A $69 pair with the same style seems more doable, or rather, shoeable.

2. Effy Panther Earrings, $1499.99
These emerald 14k gold diamond panther earrings probably won't make it to my Christmas wish list this year. Exotic and intense, this pair seems like something Siegfried and Roy need for their jewelry chest. 

Surely a little leather black and white patterned crossbody bag couldn't cost much more than a birthday dinner at Outback? Wrong. This petite purse is shoulder candy with sticker shock. 

While this slab of wood probably makes an excellent seat if you've got a concrete floor at home or floorboards made of ice--if not, this hard stump seems a tad too expensive unless you're some kind of forest nymph or woodpecker. 

5. Dolce and Gabbana, Silk Satin Stretch Panties, $129.99
While it's hard to fathom, but these silky granny panty undies are almost sold out online for over a hundred dollars. Who knew people spent mad money on a single pair of basic bitch briefs?

Sure every guy needs a graphic comic book style murse for his growing tote collection, right?! And for just over $1000, it's a real creepy bargain.

This designer scarf is high-end but also a little dark and morbid say for a first date--unless of course, it's Halloween or Dia de los Muertos--then totally appropriate. 

Sure, this fake floral arrangement is bright and cheery but for almost two hundo, these artificial flowers better also sing, dance and make breakfast. 

Yes, this high-end luxury designer bag is not your average arm accessory. Yet, with a super strange kiddie artist and cat print as well as a hashtag as a decorative statement--is it worth the price of a fancy vacation?

A small and fruit festive handbag looks a little too Supermarket Sweep to be costing a month's salary. Orange you glad you can take this bag to the grocery store and blend right in?

While this blouse is busy and chocked full of interesting emoticon-like images and fun graphics, it seems to cost a lot of greenbacks for a single designer wardrobe item. Plus, how the heck do you decide on matching pants?

Yes, this blouse is from a luxury label but for the considerable cost shouldn't it blow our minds? Like offer a iTunes app to go with the shirt or at least a pair of movie tickets? C'mon. 

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