Amy M. Spagnola


10 Velvet Fashion Pieces You Need For Fall Under $100

Velvet is one of fall's trendiest fabrics. Soft, luxe and touchable, this fashion flashback to the 1980s is all over the runway and ready to hit the streets. If you're looking for some crushed velvet in your life, look no further than these tactile-tantalizing style selections.

1. The Swimsuit
Asos, $40

2.  The Handbag
Nordstrom, $59

3. The Dress

4. The Heels

The Mules
Asos, $72

6. The Socks

7. The Bralette
Asos, $29

8. The Flared Pants
Forever 21, $17.90

9. The Jacket
Forever 21, $16.99

9. The Choker
Forever 21, $4.90

10. The Hoodie