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10 Cool and Unexpected Beauty Must-Haves from Costco

Costco is renowned for its deep discounts on bulk paper products, laundry detergent and pet food. Yet, no one seems to think of this warehouse giant as a purveyor of trendy and splurge-worthy beauty products. While the vitamin section of Costco might look a little less glam than say Sephora, there are still plenty of beauty buys to pick-up from this family-friendly more-is-more superstore. Plus, many of its trendiest beauty items are drastically discounted from other retailers.

Here are 10 Cool and Unexpected Beauty Must-Haves from Costco:

1. Impressions Vanity Makeup Organizer, $49.99
Store multiple powder and blush compacts, brushes and tons of lipgloss or lipstick in this tiered tower organizer that will take you from disastrous beauty wannabe to full fledged pro.

Give the phrase beauty sleep new meaning when you settle down at night and lay your head on this wrinkle-reducing copper pillow. Bye bye botox! Hello sweet sleep.

Smooth skin, eradicate dimples and give the face and body more firmness with this facial and body beautifying elixir. Perfect for pre-vacay, this cult favorite is filled with natural ingredients and helps to highlight and tone the face and bod sans foundation. 

For those bereft of the joys of super silky and frizz free hair, this brush will be a game changer. Straightening hair ten times faster than with a flatiron, this brush will officially end the horror and heartache of crazy hair days.

5. Spa Sonic Pro 8-Piece Facial Cleansing System, $59.99
No need to spend big bucks on a Clarisonic--this body and face polisher cleanses the skin six times better than hand washing. Plus, this rotating brush offers five attachments and even has a special pore minimizing brush head just for those tricky nose crevices. 

6. Cookie and Body Ice Cream, $19.99
A luxurious and sumptouous treat for that flaky bod, this super sweet pack of body cream alleviates dryness with mango seed butter, shea butter and sweet almond oil. Just try not to eat it.

Forget popular Neulash at $150 and instead go with this extension and elongating mascara. Sure, it might not make lashes grow but it makes fluttery butterfly lashes possible without spending a fortune.

Struggling with rosacea? Got a bad case of eczema rash? Dealing with dull blotchy skin? This new twist on CC cream will eradicate, erase and eliminate all the skin woes. Green counteracts red skin and purple adds luminosity. 

 9. Balancedguru Aromatherapy Kit, $28.99
An alternative to toxic fragrance options, this kit will help bring more love, focus, joy, calm and courage into your life without the chemicals. Plus, it's lots cheaper than roll-ons or scents from essential oil companies like Doterra or Young Living.

10. Silk 'n Reveal Microderm Wand, Member Only
Achieve super smooth skin with less flakes, pores and acne with this ultimate refining at-home tool. No need to pay for expensive spa sessions, this exfoliating device diminishes scars, minimizes marks and battles brown spots.

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