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Saved by the Bell Fashion: 5 Kelly Kapowski Knockoff Looks

Kelly Kapowski was the 'It' girl of the early 1990s. She was all sorts of dreamy and doe-eyed. Played by Tiffani Amber Thiessen, this Saved by the Bell star was the girl every guy wanted to date and every girl wanted to be. Not only did she have mile-long brunette locks but she had bouffant bangs, a flat as a board midsection and legs for days. While Kelly and company had a short-lived run (the TV series actually lasted for only 4 seasons!)--there were many spinoffs, books and movies about that Bayside High gang and the show became permanently etched in pop culture history.

Even back in the days of high waisted jeans and bad perms, Kelly Kapowski always managed to look stylish, chic and flirty. The wardrobe of Zack's fickle flame consisted of bright colors, cutesy accessories and plenty of short, skintight skirts. Many of the garments in Kelly's closet would actually be on point for the fashion trends of today--after all, mom jeans have made a comeback, florals are everywhere and denim skirts are seeing a massive resurgence.

Longing for the simpler days of flip phones and pay phones? Craving a time before Facebook and Twitter? Desiring a little flashback fashion from SBTB??

Here are 5 Outfits brought to you by Bayside's hottest babe.

#1. See Ya Screech

#2. Zack's Crush

#3. Slater Groupie

#4. Lisa's BFF

#5. Beware of Mr. Belding 

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Freya West said...

Hello Amy, I've been a great fan of saved by the bell thanks for posting about it, really enjoyed reading Saved by the bell fashion.

Freya, UK