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Full Review: Kylie Jenner's Vacation Collection Launching Today is Expen$ive AF

Launching today, the Vacation Collection by Kylie Cosmetics promises to leave makeup lovers in meltdown mode. Filled with glossy highlighters, new lip colors and pressed powder eyeshadow, the Vacay Collection will reportedly set Kylie lovers back a whopping $250 which is a bargain compared to the $514 eBay price tag that is currently being fetched pre-launch. But the price tag is pretty Krazy even for a large luxury collection. 

A Closer Look at the Packaging:

The huge box looks more like a suitcase than a makeup kit. Emblazoned with gold letters, the epic collection is pure fantasy. Golds, browns and pinks are everywhere. Included in the mega box (all EXCEPT the Wet Set): The Wet Set (a palette quadrant of glitzy super shiny highlighters), Send Me More Nuder (velvet and matte lipsticks), Skinny Dip Face Duo, Take Me on Vacation, Super Glitter Gloss-Glitz and Glamour and the 3 Ultra Glow shades as well as the June Bug Lip Kit.

All items individually would run $233 but Kylie is adding the Wet Set for a total of $250.
Kylie herself has been teasing this summer release all over her Instagram. 

The Packaging:

The box resembles the packaging of Kylie's infamous lip kits. The different palettes are all very gold-themed and have a slightly tropical and tribal feel. In addition, the palettes have gold lettering and playful cursive writing--much like a Benefit palette. The Collection does look upscale, glossy and playfully glam. The bold gilded letters and the simple background are a little Gucci-esque.

The Wet Set, $62

Kylie showed off the collection's highlighter palette called The Wet Set which include: Privacy Please, Unbothered, Get-a-Way and Do Not Disturb. The Wet Set is a pressed powder highlighter set but the formulas are super creamy and be used on face and body. Privacy Please is a shiny pink shade (which looks silver on the skin), Unbothered looks like a tawny gold shade and swatches like a bronze metallic highlighter. Do Not Disturb is pink but swatches like a cool white silver highlighter. Get-a-Way is a shiny copper color. 

The Wet Set ($62) has a unique creamy gel formula that is like putty. When pressing against the highlighters, an indent can be seen in the formula as it's very plushy and pliable. The palette is packaged in a swirly cream and gold which almost makes the lettering itself difficult to read. 

Overall First Impression:
Formula: A-
Packaging: B+
Cost: C

Take Me on Vacation, $52

Discussing her new collection on Snapchat, Kylie said it took a lot of trial and error to perfect her most beloved makeup release. Take Me on Vacation proves that KJ spent some time developing and refining her warm weather makeup set.

Take Me on Vacation includes 16 new bright and bold eyeshadows.

The TMV palette looks like a creamy vanilla envelope and opens to reveal gold polka dots and an array of rainbow colored eyeshadow shades. On the back of the palette is Kylie's name in white lettering (a refreshing change from gold). Included in the sea of shadows are a bunch of browns, rosy taupes, matte and shimmer shades. A sparkly gray, iridescent blue and matte yellow are the shade standouts. 

Take Me on Vacation is fun, cute and charming. A Kyshadow brush is also included and acts a whimsical way to showcase even more excitement for the brand. The packaging is a tad juvenile considering the ultra-luxe tone of the rest of the collection. 

The formulas are blendable, creamy and very pigmented. 

Overall First Impression:
Formula: B+
Packaging: B-
Cost: C+

Send Me More Nudes and June Bug, $45 and $30

Send Me More Nudes includes four matte nude velvet lipsticks. Naked is a sandy beige color, Birthday Suit is a nude warm beige, Commando is a terracotta beige and Bare is a nude pinky beige. All the colors are typical Kylie and are very sultry with a hint of edginess. 

The mighty foursome comes packed in a neat camouflage box with liquid gold dripping on the outside. The lettering has a little bit of a retro movie billboard feel. The lipsticks are packaged in Kylie's favorite frosted glass bottles with the liquid gold drip. Each formula has a candy scent with a hint of licorice. When swatched, Naked is a pale nude, Birthday Suit has more red tones, Commando is a rosy red nude and Bare is more of a bubblegum pink matte shade.

June Bug has similar packaging but is a bright, loud purple neon. 

Overall First Impression:
Formula: B- (a tad drying and chalky)
Packaging: B+
Cost: A-

Super Glitter Gloss, $15 Each

Two ultra shimmery and glossy shades, the Super Glitter Gloss from Kylie can be worn as standalone lip shades or worn over the matte velvet lipsticks. Per usual, the frosted glass bottles are back with the signature gold drip. The boxes for these two shades are decorated with lip emoticon-style art and the Kylie name. 

The brush is teeny tiny but the glosses are dramatic. Spiked with tons of glitter, these shades are not for the modest makeup wearer. Glitz is a rosy bronze and is very wet and shiny. Glamour has deeper red tones and is also super sparkly.

Overall First Impression:
Formula: B- (slightly tacky and goopy)
Packaging: C
Cost: A

Skinny Dip Duo Highlighter and Bronzer Palette, $34

This pressed powder and illuminating highlighter set are a dynamic duo. Sun Kissed is a soft warm bronze and Glow Up is a shimmery light gold. 

Sun Kissed swatches as a chocolate bronzer with a bit of sparkle, while Glow Up is a light blonde and buttery gold highlighter. The set can be found and purchased on Kylie's website. The packaging has a retro ice cream parlor feel with the cursive bold beachy style lettering and the two-tone shades of tan and cream as well as the playful polka dots. 

Overall First Impression:
Formula: A-
Packaging: B
Cost: B+

Ultra Glow, $14, each

Boxed in very Benefit blush and bronzer reminescent boxes, these pretty polka dot powders are meant to be worn as a loose powder highlighter. 

The powders apply with ease and are very luminescent on the skin. Santorini is a pretty silvery champagne color and applies super smoothly. Tahiti is a shimmery light rose gold and makes cheekbones pop. Fiji is a soft gold with lots of flecks of shimmer and appears like sunkissed skin with a hint of shine. 

The pots are very small (almost too small for a makeup brush) but the Ultra Glow boxes are adorable and heavy on the gold polka dots. The pots themselves are emblazoned with 'Kylie Jenner' in gold lettering and are very cute and glam with a Marilyn Monroe vibe.

Overall First Impression:
Formula: A
Packaging: A-
Cost: A

Overall Impressions: B+

The Vacation Collection is bad for the budget, but good for the soul. The makeup is very glamorous, chic and trendy. The packaging and individual palettes are super fun and the formulas are very long lasting and deeply pigmented.

Images Kylie Jenner Instagram and Kylie Cosmetics 

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