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9 Celebrities Who Looks Better Without Makeup

Celebrities often get tucked, sucked and filled with Botox to retain a youthful and slim appearance. But beyond lasers and lipo, celebrities depend on makeup to cast away those dark shadows, contour their cheeks and make their skin crease-free. Makeup can work wonders. Celebrities like Melania Trump and Jennifer Lopez look like different people without the help of some cleverly placed cream and rouge. So, it comes as quite the shocker when those unicorn-snowflake celebrities exist wherein they look BETTER without the layers of expensive primer and mounds of mascara.

Here are 9 Celebrities Who Look Better Without Makeup:

1. Emilia Clarke
Barefaced and beautiful this Game of Thrones star, looks just as comely without a fake Rapunzel wig and lots of eyeliner. With full lips, heavy brows and a creamy complexion, the Mother of Dragons needs no extra help from CGI or CG as in Cover Girl.

2. Beyonce
While not quite the glamazon alpha without her heaps of sparkle and spackle, Mrs. Jay Z still looks stunning and especially youthful without layers of war paint. Smooth skin, enviable lips and hazel brown eyes make this one stunning lioness. 

3. Cindy Crawford
At 51 years old this Pepsi and Sports Illustrated model still looks great without lots of cosmetic intervention. Bouncy brown hair, full eyebrows and luscious lips make this mom look much younger than her age.

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4. Adriana Lima
Another famous supermodel, Lima has the visage of a teenager without piles of pore perfecting primer and coats of concealer. With stunning aqua eyes, rosy skin and shiny hair, this Victoria Secret angel looks heavenly.

5. Jenna Dewan Tatum
The dancer, fitness buff and wife of Magic Mike star Channing Tatum, JD looks splendid without layers of lacquer. With glowing and fresh skin, sparkly green eyes and a clear complexion, this World of Dance hottie needs less time in the makeup chair than most of her famous friends. 

6. Drew Barrymore
This child star turned romcom actress, has had her share of romantic flops (after being married and divorced three times) but luckily he stress hasn't take much of a toll on the Santa Clarita Diet star's looks. With blemish and spot free skin, big eyes and a wrinkle-free forehead, this E.T. star looks years younger than her 42 years no makeup required. 

7. Amber Heard
Breathtaking without loads of face powder and eye enhancing shadows, the former Mrs. Depp is model-worthy when she wakes up au naturel. 

8. Jessica Simpson
Rarely seen in public without sky-high platforms and lots of curly blonde hair extensions, the former Mrs. Lachey looks perky and pretty without all the fussy clothing, extra weave and face paste. 

9. Olivia Wilde
While she may want a personal assistant and nanny, this Broadway beauty needs no makeup artist on call. With line free skin, glassy blue-green eyes and perfectly proportioned lips, this star is perfectly pretty sans Sephora.

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