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8 Ways to Become InstaFamous Overnight

Maybe you're not Kim Kardashian or Adele and you think there's no way you could have throngs of online followers, PR companies begging you for promos and lots of golden opportunities like book deals and fashion lines. Well, you're wrong. While it seems difficult to achieve Internet glory and fame with all its side perks, it's actually quite doable. There's no need to have plastic surgery, a closet full of designer clothes and trips to Ibiza to showcase on your Insta feed. In fact, take it from gawky and awkward Dodie, a YouTube sensation who is not terribly comely or fashionable--anyone can be famous. Dodie is just an average London lady who is a likes to sing, post short videos and give candid glimpses into her thoughts and troubles. The authenticity is real and refreshing and extremely appealing to her millions of viewers and voyeurs of the Interwebs.

Like Dodie, you can become an Internet sensation and Instastar without much sweat and tears.

If you're also searching for some Instagram fame--the quest can be achieved without spending lots of money or time on fancy photos.

Here are 8 Ways to Become InstaFamous Overnight:

1. Share Often
OK, this won't happen overnight exactly but within a few weeks it will surely swell your Instagram follower count. Forget posting only perfect party-ready pictures of you and your friends at some exotic hotel or bar. Instead, focus on frequently uploading shots of everyday moments. From that cool backyard butterfly to that rocky hike to that mouth-watering mango margarita, people are craving every tiny tidbit.

2. Capture the Unexpected
Most people are trying to find that perfect ocean sunset, best booty angle and the right green juice to hashtag with abandon. While it's nice and necessary to look for photo opps, it's also a little forced. Next time, try and find something at that baseball game or that zoo trip that no one else sees--maybe it's dripping ice cream cone in the hands of a giddy toddler or a cloud in the sky that has the coolest edges and fluffy bits. Try and see something special to give your Instagram profile personality and panache.

3. Don't Focus Exclusively on Yourself
Many successful Instagram users have quotes, sayings and inspirational mumbo jumbo littering their feed. People need a break from the selfie shots and the workout poses. Try and include cool scenery, artsy locales and nature in your feed. And don't forget the silly quotes, fun video loops and ironic t-shirts. People want to see variety and humor.

4. Try Everything
From different filters to video loops to lighting, it's important to experiment with cool angles and fresh iPhone tricks to make an Instagram profile pop. Many affordable apps can can edit photos and videos, come with built-in beauty modes and can even tweak those countless selfies.  Try using GIFs, time lapse modes and doodles to elevate your Insta.

5. Be a People Magnet
The more friends and family you include in your Instagram pictures--the better. Tagging other users only helps build your audience, add followers and increase comments. So, grow that girl squad already!

6. Hack those Hashtags
Snazzy, cool and outrageous hashtags will escalate your Instagram numbers and lead to super influencer status. Boring one-word hashtags like #happy or #goodtimes will make fellow users tire of your profile. Find new, catchy and innovative ways of expressing your thoughts and photos. Challenge yourself and combine new words or phrases for some epic Instagram notoriety. An example--say you take a picture of yourself on a Friday night at a new bar downtown--hashtags might include:
#girlgame #girlontheprowl #braceyourselfboys #barflybeauty #midnightmistress #troubleismymiddlename

7. Make that Bio URL Sing
Avoid using commonplace descriptions or copycat phrases in your bio. Have fun with the wording and change the clickable link frequently to show off your latest and greatest website or blog content. Instead of writing *blogger*mommy*wifey--try *wilywordsmith*future grandma*Mrs. Right*.

8. Creative Captions
Beyond the hashtags are the photo descriptions themselves. Be playful, add personality and use a bit of thought to create interesting and informative photo explanations and descriptions. Refrain from merely describing the photo but set the scene, add background details and give insider tips, tricks or hacks from your real everyday life.

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