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8 Easy Ways to Look Better in a Bikini (No Dieting Required)

Summertime celebrates skin. From barely-there cropped tops to teeny string bikinis, it's all about showing off the results of those hours of gym time. But if you're invited to a pool party, cruise or vacation and don't have the time to become a slave to the stairmaster--fear not, there are plenty of ways to look thin, tight and toned sans strict salad diets and hours of cardio.

Here are 8 Easy Ways to Look Better in a Bikini (no dieting required):

1. The Tan
Nothing will make a bod go from flabby and shabby to sleek and slim faster than a good tan. Whether you use wipes, a mist or spray tan--there are plenty of ways to get that golden glow. Try Tan Towel for an easy, mess-free application.

Endless Tan, $20

2. Body Scrub with Coffee

Forget that morning cup of java to start your day--what you need is a jolt from a caffeine spiked body scrub. Perfect for combating cellulite, erasing dimples and making skin silky smooth, a coffee scrub is a quick antidote to a fleshy tummy.

 Buddy Scrub, $15

3. A Shiny Swimsuit

Hiding those lumps and bumps acquired from one too many mango margaritas might be a bit of a challenge but if you're creative with your swimwear--suddenly, you're looking very Gisele on a yacht vacation. A sparkly, metallic, lace-up or floral swimsuit will distract from any dire spots and sins.

4. Body Oil

For celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Khloe Kardashian, the key to looking perpetually trim and toned is to apply lots of shiny, shimmery and sparkly skin oil. Perfect for casting away plumping shadows and disguising imperfections, a good body oil makes the skin look healthy and youthful.

Herbivore Jasmine Body Oil, $26

5. Waist Training

While not recommended long-term or in excessive amounts, a little waist training can help improve postpartum stomach sludge and lift and contour those pesky problem areas on the midsection. And if an outfit allows for it--it can even be worn as an undergarment for keeping the stomach cinched beneath clothing. 

6. Slimming Moisturizer

For those who want to hit the beach without ever having to break a sweat, cellulite creams, depuffing lotions and tightening potions are a godsend. Break up those pockets of fat and flub while eliminating bloat with a powerful svelte-inducing skin cream. 

7. Detox Bath and Wrap

Say good-bye to unseemly rolls and pudge with a detox bath. Soaking regularly can reduce water weight and detox the organs enough to help ease elimination functions, thus, creating a smoother and sleeker frame. This particular seaweed powder also doubles as a paste for creating a nourishing and tightening wrap (to be worn while performing exercising).

8. Dry Brushing

A dry brush is like a fast food diet. Quick, painless and easy. Ideal for pre-bathing, a quick body brushing increases circulation, revs the lymph glands for better drainage and makes skin less pocky and puckery. In addition, a good dry brushing session helps increase skin turnover and combats cottage cheese thighs. Amen.

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