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8 Easy Ways to Grow a Bigger Booty

The bigger, the better is the trend when it comes to the backside. Women are searching for quick ways to join the ranks of Jennifer Lopez, Iggy Azalea and Kim Kardashian. From butt growth pills and potions, to exercises and foods, it seems everyone is searching for a way to enhance their rearview. While many people are seeking to increase the size of their derrière, some are just hoping to go from flat and wobbly to pert and perky. 

If you want to make that booty pop, there are plenty of quick and simple ways to firm up the posterior and add a little junk to that trunk.

Here are 8 Easy Ways to Grow a Bigger Booty:

1. Head to Brazil

Quick, simple and free, there are an assortment of glute videos to follow for achieving that dreamy round rear-end. Try Fitness Blender's Brazilian Buttock Lift Series or a dance or pilates butt video for all the right exercises like squats, leg lifts, side lunges and bridges. If you want to really tone that tush, purchase the Beachbody Brazil Butt Lift program for some serious sweat.

2. Shake Things Up

In order to enjoy a bigger butt, it's imperative to have a bod that supports more heft in the right places. A toned tummy will make curves look extra large  and a fast metabolism will ensure that a newly created bum doesn't head south or worse, get lumpy and bumpy.

3. Wish for Magic 

For a bubble butt that won't quit, it may take some time and effort to get real results. While squatting and lunging away, why not add a little extra Vitamin B to your routine with a cream that promises to enlarge and enhance a droopy and desperate derrière?

Booty Magic, $39.95

4. Slip on Some Skates

Rollerskating is not just for kids' birthday parities, bad 80s movies and Santa Monica tourists, it's a way to aggressively tone, tighten and lift that bottom. Popular with fitness celebrities like Jennifer Nicole Lee, who loves to rollerblade in Miami, this is a fun and easy to burn calories and keep the rump looking round. 

5. Become a Tramp...oline Addict

Rebounding and jumping rope provide a bunch of benefits. Up and down exercises (like plyometrics, hopping and skipping) tone the glutes, quads, calves and also provide a great cardio workout. Increasing muscle mass is a great way to bypass that bitty booty into big badonkadonk territory. 

6. Get Greasy

Many breast enhancement creams can also work for the butt. Another option? Essential oil. Butt enlargement essential oils promise to add girth to that cheeky area by promoting circulation and even helping hips increase in size with the likes of grapefruit, lavender, juniper and cypress. 

7. Train Insane

While waist training may seem a bit extreme, trying to tame a sullen and saggy rear with a trainer is next level. For those seeking a better rump, butt lifting boyshort training underwear can create a perfect apple shape. 

8. Booty Call

If you're looking for a quick fix to create a curvy new frame--a little workout dedication will help. There are many apps that will help create a better butt. Pick up your phone and try a 30 Day Butt Challenge for free--this app allows you to track activity levels, exercises and firm and tone according to body type and genetics.

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