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8 Celebrities Who Struggle with Acne

Some people have it all. Good looks, fame and money. While many celebrities have the best of the best in cars, food, wine and dermatologists, there are still those who struggle with oily skin, large pores and plenty of pimples. With all the advanced laser treatments, facials and products, it's hard to believe but celebrities are human just like the rest of us commoners and often struggle with monthly breakouts and frequent blemish backlash.

Here are 8 Celebrities Who Struggle with Acne:

1. Kendall Jenner
She might have one of the most enviable model bodies of all the Kardashian sisterhood, but that doesn't mean Kendall is immune to suffering from serious oil gland issues. Perhaps this Victoria Secret catwalk glamazon needs to take a long break from the pounds of makeup to control her frequent face eruptions.

2. Katy Perry
Sporting more than a few bumps, this Roar songstress and John Mayer fling appears to suffer frequently from a deluge of dirt and skin clogging debris. Proactiv spokesperson, say what?

3. Miley Cyrus
Maybe she needs a wrecking ball to remedy some of these pesky pimples? The Hannah Montana star looks very bumpy without concealer.

4. Cameron Diaz
Fame is no guarantee for flawless skin. Looking a bit stricken with a case of puberty, the There's Something About Mary star has been upfront and previously discussed  her long struggles with adult acne.

5. Britney Spears
Blame it on a bad diet or too much makeup, but this former Mousketeer doesn't have perfectly pure pores. Maybe she needs a few simple strategies to get clear skin?

6. Alicia Silverstone
Despite a super clean lifestyle, this Clueless star still frequently finds herself faced with a torrent of face bumps and lumps.

7. Harry Styles
With heartthrob status, it's hard to believe this "Sign of the Times" singer has battled bad skin. Good thing Harry has loads of money to hit up the spa for frequent facials.

8. Megan Fox
Despite being sucked, tucked and plucked to the extreme, this Transformers beauty once struggled with acne. Now, Fox has narrowed down her skincare regimen and maintains a flawless face. 

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