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8 Best Fashion Looks Inspired by Wonder Woman Under $100

Wonder Woman has shattered box office records when it comes to a female driven superhero spectacular. The movie has grossed more than 103million and is expected to continue to see numbers climb. The Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment film doesn't feature a 22-year-old either. Gal Gadot is a married 32-year-old with two children at home--which makes her bada**ery all the more impressive and wonder-ful.

If you're looking to dress like a superhero or be inspired to show off some superhero sartorial sass, then look no further.

Here are 8 Fashionable Looks Inspired by Wonder Woman:

1. Good Enough to Eat A Line Dress, $79.99, ModCloth
With a comic book print that seems fit for an art exhibit, this snack food smattered dress is perfect for adding a little zany fun to a monochromatic wardrobe.

Show off those lady superhero guns with this taffeta sequin high-low dress perfect for costume parties or other bad guy squashing missions.

Ideal for watching fireworks on the Fourth of July, this red, white and blue dress screams patriotic pride while giving off total Wonder Woman vibes.

Destroy any nemesis with this chic floor-length dress that celebrates the U.S. flag and offers an ode to Diana Prince

5. Ombre Dye Maxi Dress, $19.90, Forever 21
Super girls need to look super cute and this dress fits the bill. A long flowy maxi is perfect for days off from butt kicking.

6. Spring Floral Shift Dress, $45, Closet Candy Boutique
A feminine powerhouse needs to look chic and this dress is ideal for summer fetes and undercover assignments. 

7. Pretty Girl Maxi Dress, $42, Modern Vintage Boutique
Another red, blue and white tank dress just in time for some epic backyard BBQs and baby shower brunches. No weapons required.

8. Stars and Stripes Dress, $26.99, Venus
Packing a patriotic punch with a fun Wonder Woman playfulness, this dress adds a ton of style power to the summer season. 

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