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15 Sexiest Statement Swimsuits for Less than $50

The statement one-piece swimsuit is so BADASS. Cheeky, sexy and fun, these text heavy Baywatch swimsuits have surged in popularity thanks to the likes of Kourtney KardashianKylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian. Branded with sayings ranging from Birthday Suit to Bae Watch, these high cut and low back monokini swimsuits are beach-friendly billboards that add a little flair and splashy sex appeal to any typical vacation. And don't forget to dress up your letter-lovin' swimsuit with a cutesy comical tank-like 'No One Likes a Shady Beach.'

Here are 15 Super Sexy and Sassy Statement Swimsuits for Under $50:

1. Resting Beach Face, $29.97
A super low cut curve-hugging swimsuit in black gets a playful upgrade with a humorous slogan. 

2. Island Vibes, $49.50
Call that bikini waxer pronto--this tropical nylon swimsuit will be a surefire vacation winner on your next beach outing. 

3. Shady, $39.50 
Subtle and still sexy, this sleek graphic swimsuit is perfect for long days of lounging and playful pool games.

4. Rose All Day, $49.50
Bright and boisterous, this hilarious swimsuit will make beachgoers do a double-take.

5. Lemonade, $26.99
All hail Beyonce in this quirky lettered swimsuit with vintage vibes. 

6. Mermaid Off Duty, $32.99
A low cut 80s font swimsuit is perfect for soaking in the sun on a lazy river or sandy shore.  

7. Cool, $29.99
Plain, simple and with just enough of the alphabet to cause a frenzy, this chic swimsuit with a rounded neckline will be a perennial summer favorite.

8. Milkshake, $49.50
A notice-me apple red swimsuit with a sweet message will leave the boys trailing behind.

9. Bridesmaid, $24.50
A destination wedding calls for some extra special saucy swimwear. 

Loud, proud and decked out in bright fuchsia, this girl is a beach black widow. 

11. Summer Vibes, $48
Mint and white are the perfect ice cream shades to look oh-so cool in the summer heat in this delectable one-piece. 

12. Slay All Day, $35.99
A high cut sexy as hell swimsuit blows all those bikinis out of the water. 

13. Boy Bye, $36
Brash and ballsy, this 'love 'em and leave 'em' spirited swimsuit is perfect for beach combing and boy banter. 

14. Bae Watch Babe, $48
The perfect ice-breaker, this nostalgic Baywatch swimsuit is funny and fierce. 

15. East Coast, $9
Follow Khlo $$$ and wear this black one-piece to hang out on yachts and take tons of Instagram pictures in captain hats, K?

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