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Fashion Roundup: 3 Best and 3 Worst Looks from the Who What Wear Collection for Target

Who would have guessed a sartorial website with a taste for high fashion would be partnering with good 'ol Tarjay for a clothing collection? While slightly odd and unusual (was Selena Gomez unavailable for a fashion line?), this collab is meant to showcase street style with a classic cool girl edge. A few pieces look modern, playful and very career focused--there are plenty of blouses, swing skirts and printed pumps but many of the items miss the mark completely.

Here are the 3 Best and 3 Worst Looks from the Who What Wear Collection for Target:


1. Women's Tassel Trim Shell, $24.99
With a slightly nautical nod, this carefree men's wear-style tank is a win for WWW. A classic prep girl staple, this easy, breezy blue stripe tank is sporty enough for the weekend and chic enough for work. Paired with skinny jeans or capris, this top will surely become a summer favorite on heavy rotation.

2. Women's Gingham Lace Birdcage Skirt, $23-32
A piece that looks expen$ive, this see-through sheer skirt is trendy and mesmerizing. Paired with ankle strap block heels and a feminine floral bag, this is a sweeping success for the wardrobe wizards at Who What Wear.  While this skirt works for both daytime and nighttime, it's probably best reserved for parties and fun, social gatherings.

3. Block Heel Quarter Strap Sandals, $32.99
With a cutesy wraparound ballet-style strap that would make Carrie Bradshaw all jelly, these of-the-moment heels are worth a trick to the suburban super chain. Also available in green, rose and grey, these cute chunky shoes would be a flawless fit with a fitted pencil skirt or long maxi dress.


The WWW Collection has a stunning amount of fashion fails in its freshly minted Target line. There are disastrous winged blouses, old granny gingham dresses and strange scarves mixed in with other oddities like unflattering ruffled jackets, awkward manly shorts and sad paperbag pants. And don't get me started on the embroidered jeans--which wouldn't even have been cool in the 80s!

1. Women's Layered Ruffled Blouse, $27.99
We hope this blouse was inspired by some upcoming Frida Kahlo movie or a weird homage to the Chiquita banana lady. Multi-tiered and ruffled, this fugly floral blouse is much too much. The average American woman will not look hip, stylish or cool in a top that adds tons of volume to the torso. Oh and if for some reason you're crazy about this fussy shapeless blouse--try on the matching dress! Also, super hideous.

2. Women's Plus Sized Beach Hoodie, $36.99
As if lifted directly from some old Keanu Reeves movie about time travel and smoking weed, this super strange stoner college boy striped pullover is a real tragedy. Lacking sophistication, style or a general feminine quality, this male-ish poncho is unfit for a contemporary collection. See: stoner hoodie/drug rug or baja hoodie

3. Ruffle Wrap Skirt-Available in Plus, $29-$32
A bleach free coffee filter becomes a skirt. In the world of high fashion, paper lunch bags usually don't equate into stunning clothing pieces but at Target, anything goes. This incredibly odd, cowboy-like skirt is just wonky and weird. In an off-putting tan color, this wrap skirt is less runway, more run away.

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