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8 Celebrities Who Look Terrible in a Bikini

With the spring season in full swing, it's apparent that there are no more days to hide behind baggy sweaters, loose leggings and big puffer jackets.  No, the glory days of ice cream, hot chocolate and eggnog under the covers are a thing of the past. Time to breakout that cobweb covered bikini. If you're like the celebrities in this story, wearing a bikini can be mortifying and downright unflattering. They only wish winter was coming.

Here are 8 Celebrities Who Look Terrible in a Bikini:

1.)  Eva Longoria

A former aerobics instructor, the lean and little Longoria recently had to explain her bloated belly as pregnancy rumors swirled. In fact, Longoria recently had to defend her shape claiming that extra cheese was the real culprit. Longoria doesn't look particularly stellar in a two-piece. Blame it on an apple shape, booze on vacation or just a lack of spanx. Or, OK, lots of provolone.

2.) Britney Spears

A Las Vegas attraction, a mega millionaire and a sucker for bad boys, Spears has a track record of a little paunch and pooch when she's not hitting the gym regularly. Sometimes Spears looks ab-tastic and other times she just looks like a thick, curvy vacationer trying to enjoy some sun, sand and surf.

3.) Lady Gaga

A yo-yo dieter and fitness fanatic like Spears, Lady Gaga has had her share of body issues and even battled eating disorders since she was a teen.  Still, Gaga goes big and wears teeny, unsupportive bikinis to the beach to show off her ample curves.

4.) Alanis Morisette

No, she probably won't win the best body award at any pageant but songstress Morisette doesn't care, you oughta know. Enjoying a sun soaked vacation, the mom of two flaunted her fair skin and voluptuous figure.

5.) Kesha

No body shame in her game. The fading star and 'Tik Tok' singer showed off a high-waisted bikini with gusto as she hit the waves for a swim.

6.) Julia Roberts

She's still a pretty woman but Roberts no longer has the same bod she did back in her days as a cinematic prostitute. Today, Roberts celebrates her normal lipo-less body and embraces all her bits and pieces.

7.) Mariah Carey

Maybe one sweet day Mariah will throw out all her bikinis. Until then, it's a waiting game to see when she may bust out of her favorite swimwear. Poor Mimi--she used to look like a Bond Girl in a bikini.

8.) Reese Witherspoon

While she seems like a girl who would make a dreamy book club member, perky and pretty Witherspoon doesn't look like a supermodel in a two-piece. Instead, this Legally Blonde star looks a little frumpy dumpy.

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