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7 Worst Lip Colors from Kylie Jenner's Lip Kits and Review

For a thin lipped teen from Calabasas, the huge explosion of her namesake cosmetics and lip lines has caught even the biggest Kardahian supporters by surprise.  With mattes, velvets and glosses, the Kylie Cosmetics brand is as big as the youngest Jenner's filler inflated lips---but are the products in the line worth the hype and epic fanfare?

An exact rip-off of the Rocky Horror Picture show, the packaging is a little goth and gruesome. Not glamorous or chic, the stark lip kits immediately call to mind vampires and dark ghoulish creatures. With bleeding lips, a white background and gray lettering, the kits are a bit somber. Koko kits and KKW kits have also made their mark in the world of Kylie's lip lines and offer a little relief from the white dripping lip . The gold Koko Kollection limited edition kit includes 3 mattes--Gorg (a rich burgundy), Okurrr (candy red), Khlo$ (a dark khaki) and 1 sparkly gloss named Damn Gina (muted pink with sparkles). The frosted pink KKW line includes Kimberly, a tawny nude shade, Kim, a peach nude, Kiki, a lighter pink nude and Kimmie, a blush colored nude.

Women have reported and found the matte shades to be very drying. Many colors darken on the lips and create a waxy parched film. Up close, the shades appear to make the lips chapped and cracks can be seen after application.

Shade Selection: Many of the kits revolve around earthy browns, pale pinks and bold red shades.

Here are the 7 Worst Lip Colors from Kylie's Kits:

Yes, there are a lot of vloggers, beauty bloggers and even Kylie herself who can make brown lips look enticing and exotic. For the average girl-on-the-go, a pair of bathroom brown lips will be hard to pull off. The color can end up looking really dark on fair skinned women and like a mucky, dirt color best reserved for Halloween.

While some women love the look of dead zombie lips, others do not. Instead of appearing like a soft mauve on the lips, this shade pulls brown. Drag queens might adore this creamy coffee color but it still is not ideal for an everyday lip.

Berry scary. This dark purple shade will frighten small children, animals and even creepy clowns will take off running.  A super dark vampy shade, this grape meets plum color will not definetely not work for teaching Sunday school.

4. Koko Kollection Okurrr 
Marketed as a vibrant fuchsia, this matte liquid lipstick from the KoKo Kollection is bright. Rather than fuchsia, this cherry lip color swatches and applies like bright stop sign red. While it's an OK shade for date night or club hopping, it's a little reminiscent of scary doll makeup. 

Yes, it does look like this pale pink gloss will be the ultimate delicate, versatile and naughty but nice dreamy lipgloss shade, however, it applies to the lips like a coat of white bubblegum. The diluted pink is not ideal for long wear and is reminiscent of cheap drugstore lipgloss with that weird tacky layer of pasty shine.  
Orange you glad you didn't buy this matte lipstick? While Kylie's website describes this shade as vibrant burnt orange--it appears more like a dried out wannabe red shade on the lips. If you're in the market for a chalky tangerine lip color that will garner stares and whispers from strangers, this is your top pick. 

7. Koko Kollection Gorg
A shade sure to be popular with any goth rock bands, this dark mysterious mulberry color is fairly extreme. On Kylie's website the shade is described as a red burgundy wine but on the lips it almost looks like a crimson purple. It would be a shade to reserve for major events and even then, it will be strange to be sporting a crusty grape-red pout.

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