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7 Beauty Vloggers You Need to Be Watching

YouTube is jam packed with tutorials, reviews and instructional videos. Perhaps one of the biggest segments on the Tube is the lifestyle videos from an array of beauty and cosmetic junkies. Women clamor to watch the latest rave of Honest Beauty's newest balm or the scathing first impressions of the twinkle Tarte highlighter. While there is a sea of beauty professionals, gurus and divas run amok on this video channel, there are also many notable personalities who offer insightful and in-depth makeup analysis and assessments.

Here are 7 Beauty Vloggers You Need to Be Watching:

1. Tati

Giving herself the moniker "glamlifeguru" Tati is arguably the most prolific and notorious YouTube makeup mavens. While at first Tati appears to be just like any other Sephora addict, this girl has serious filming skills, articulate and focused beauty reports all the while adding a bit of humor to her everyday tales of cosmetic queendom. She loves a good click bait OMG, Fail or WTF video and reveals her thoughts and feelings on various lotions and potions with passion and expert delivery.
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2. Jeffree Star

Gurl, you are in trouble if you haven't heard of this androgynous YouTube makeup fiend. He/she has tons of tattoos, no eyebrows, long polished talons and a Louis Vuitton phone case that will make you weep with jealousy. Jeffree will become your number one YouTube bitch. Discussing deep throating Ryan Gosling is all in a day's work for this queen. While Jeffree never takes himself too seriously and loves to play with makeup, he does get mixed up in serious drama like his rift with beauty and tattoo artist Kat Von D.
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3. Desi Perkins

Need to learn how to finally create that date night smoky eye? Wishing you could master a Victoria Secret runway look? Desperate to create a creepy and chic melting skull makeup effect for your next costume party? Look no further than Desi. A Cali chick who can create electric eyes, Kardashian skin and festival makeup, this 30-something Pisces knows how to keep viewers hooked.
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4. Pony Makeup

Ready to be stunned? Park Hye Min is a South Korean beauty blogger with a flair for transforming herself into American celebrities like Taylor Swift. With over 2 million subscribers, this fair faced stunner is taking the YouTube makeup world by storm. And don't despair--many of her videos are armed with subtitles for those U.S. beauty-aholics.
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5. Jordan Bone

Handicapped in a car accident, this determined blonde beauty has nearly 200,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. Nowadays this Brit creates videos like irridescent eye tutorials, glowy makeup and videos on lashes, skincare and travel. An inspiration to many, this makeup fanatic recently wrote a book on her struggles and chronicles many of her day to day challenges on her channel.
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6. Carli Bybel

A Kardashian morphed with Megan Fox with a dash of Princess Jasmine equals Carli Bybel. One of the top beauty vloggers on YouTube, this stunning brunette Barbie has an array of makeup, get ready with me and story time videos. Specializing in come hither holiday looks, nude makeup and sleek hair vids, you'll want to take notes during these epic tutorials. Also, don't expect to look anything like Bybel when you're finished watching. Sorry but not enough Ultas or Sephoras in the world could accomplish such a feat.
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7. EleventhGorgeous

Yes, they're related. No, they're not fraternal twins. These two blonde beauty babes and sisters are often filming Target hauls, unboxing videos and Pinterest beauty hacks. While their fan base has grown, their video style remains the same formula: cutesy, fun and relatable. Plus, it's fun to watch these BFFs frequently change their hair color, attempt to use weird beauty tools and suffer through crazy hair gadget trials.
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