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6 Celebrities Who Have Recently Gone Blonde and Likely Regret It

Going blonde is not for the faint of heart. There's bleach, broken strands and buckets of tears if the situation goes wrong AF. Many women experiment with lightening their tresses--some immediately regret the impulse and return to darker roots  while others chase down their bottles of L'Oreal Feria like rabid dogs. Pamela Anderson, Britney Spears and even Kate Hudson have gone to the dark side only to return to their coveted champagne strands. While many stars need a boost of blonde to retain their signature sex appeal like Heidi Klum and Blake Lively, others fail when they enter the blonde battlefield.

Here are 6 Celebrities Who Have Recently Gone Blonde:

1. Georgina Chapman
No she didn't. The frequent Project Runway judge, Marchesa designer and arm candy to Harvey Weinstein, had some of the best hair in Hollywood. Lush, thick, long brunette strands. Now, after a brassy bleach job the creative fashion maven proves that no one is immune to the damaging effects of hair color. Undoubtedly with access to the best hair stylists, it's a wonder how Chapman's hair has gone from Fantastic to Below Average. Was she wearing extensions all those years her mane was super glossy and bountiful? Now, Georgina looks aged, hast lost a ton of hair volume and appears washed out. The color is a strawberry brassy blonde and not flattering at all.

2. Katy Perry
In typical post-breakup fashion, Perry took to the shears to rid herself of bad male mojo following her split from Orlando Bloom. While some might call it rash or a bit heavy on the Kristen Stewart imitation, Perry seems to be embracing her biker chick bad a**ness with a super buzz. While it's doubtful Perry will keep the severe cut for long, it was an interesting choice for someone who had gossiped about Britney Spears' shave. The color is not bad, a cool blonde with some dimension but Perry does look washed out, older and less feminine. Also, for someone who claims to be a natural blonde--her fresh hair roots look awfully dark. 

3. Emma Stone
Whether for a new role or just a change of heart, Emma Stone has ditched her famous ginger strands for a lighter, strawberry blonde. Not as pale and pearly as in the past, this shade doesn't completely wash out the fair skinned star but it doesn't make her features pop like a rich red. Also, with hair as fine as Emma's going blonde likely causes significant breakage and the need to lose length.

4. Jamie Chung
Almost unrecognizable with freshly lightened strands, Jamie Chung appears to be channeling her inner Marilyn Monroe this year. Gone is the hubba hubba hair--long, loose curls with plenty of volume and bounce with just a few sparse highlights and ushered in its place is the thinner full foil California blonde. At least Jamie appears to be transitioning slowly to a flaxen mane, temporarily sporting thin stripe highlights circa the 1990s. As for the shade, it's too pale for Jamie and she looked much more current and cute with the brunette bombshell look. 

5. Zosia Mamet
While it's hard to tell when the Girls star transitioned from brunette to blonde, to pink, to gray, Mamet has been in the lighter zones for awhile. And much to the chagrin of the health of her hair. While back in 2012 Mamet had enviable long, lustrous locks, these days, her hair looks as though its a soldier weary after war. At the arrival of a Marc Jacobs fashion show this year, Mamet's hair looks frizzy, parched and lifeless. Even super healthy, strong and luscious hair is no match for the ravaging effects of bleach. Her hair put up a valiant fight and was still long and shiny somewhat before the coloring took its toll. 

6. Olivia Wilde
While there are few images of this second time mommy showing off her towheaded locks, it's apparent that Wilde knew she was no longer on her A-game appearance wise. Likely dyed for a role in her new film Life Itself, the actress has reportedly already ditched the fair follicles for a return to her brunette glory days. Amen, sister. (p.s. how fake does that baby bump look?)

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