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3 Best and 3 Worst Looks from the Met Gala 2017

This year's met gala was all about see-through sequin, low cut galaxy gowns and tons of straight, sleek lobs. Kim Kardashian deserves credit for starting a trend in 2016 of futuristic fashion with her then silver heavy metal dress. Furthermore, many starlets borrowed from the Kimmy 2015 Met Gala showstopper which was a heavily feathered and transparent crystal gown that appeared similar to the stylings of Beyonce that year. Both women managed to channel their inner figure skaters with elaborate mesh and rhinestones. Now in 2017, every starlet is all about the long fringe, the heavy embellishments and the curve hugging chain mail.

Here are the 3 Best and 3 Worst Looks front the Met Gala 2017:


1.) Halle Berry

While Berry did seem to copycat the Kardashian invention of the sheer sequin dress (see above), her mind-blowing beauty still is hard to ignore. At 50 years old, with two children, Berry looks every inch the young stunner. The smoldering eyes, the dramatic floral appliqu├ęs and the rainfall rhinestones give this epic costume dress a shear stamp of approval.

2.) Gisele Bundchen

As much as I doubt that Mrs. Brady would be much of a humble or kind person in real life, her super strict diet and health regimen has paid off. If you want to consume mostly vegetables, shun caffeine, sugar, coffee and all gluten, you might end up looking a smidge like this lanky Brazilian. The footballer wife wore a simple shiny, silver open-backed gown was both captivating and envy-inducing. Damn you, Gisele.

3.) Kylie Jenner

As much as I'm pained to say it, Kylie Jenner had one of the most successful and dramatic fashion moments from this year's Anna Wintour lollapalooza. Sure, she's just another attention-seeking Kardashian but her fishnet bustier dress with lots of cool hanging floral trimmings and fun arm tinsel made her look very grown-up and glamorous. The bleach bob AKA wig was also a fun finishing touch on this cosmic couture creation.


1.) Reese Witherspoon

In years past, Witherspoon has worn lots of bright colors--namely red and pink to bring her fashion game to the Gala. This year, the Southern charmer wore a black and blue tuxedo dress which made her look a little bloated and barrel-like from the wrong angles. Also, the slicked back hair may work for Blake Lively or superhuman Bundchen but on a more regular gal, it is harsh, severe and highlights under eye baggage.

2.) Madonna

Somedays it's hard to believe little, bitty Madonna was ever such a huge megastar. Today, she dresses like petite GI Jane and acts a lot Looney Tunes. Maybe Mariah Carey and Madonna should get together? Oh, and don't forget to invite Britney to the Fallen Pop Stars Club. The sad, tired leather gloves, the layers of necklaces and the crazy camouflage all make for a really weird getup. Sorry Madge but you need to retire all the 80s attire.

3.) Rihanna

This dress reminds me of some bad home economics project that started with the noble intention of creating a pretty Japanese inspired origami fan and morphed into an oversized Sesame Street dress with tons of floral cutouts. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. The leather lace-up pumps, the piles of petals and the pink-drunk-girl eye makeup is not going to Work.

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