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Mug of the Moment: 7 Most Awkward Katy Perry Magazine Covers

Katy Perry recently pulled a Taylor Swift and chopped off her locks AKA got rid of her hair extensions and went mega blonde. While change can be good, it looks as if Perry is suffering from a case of the post-breakup blues, and decided to take out her emotions on her famous dark follicles. Born a natural dishwater blonde, Perry has tried many rainbow-esque Lisa Frank follicle experiments. Still, going bleach blonde is not advised for most people. See: Kim Kardashian. Perry seems more insecure than ever and her platinum pixie is making her even more suspect in the self-esteem department. Broadcasting to the world her new look--this 'Roar' songstress showed off her wicked new hairstyle on the cover of Vogue Magazine for May 2017. And while this cover is comical, Katy Perry has made many a misstep on the front pages of a bevy of magazines.

Here are the 7 Most Awkward Katy Perry Magazine Covers of All Time:

1.) Vogue, May 2017

Bold, indeed. Perry looks like some new Star Wars mutant creature with a 'kill, kill, kill' expression behind her dead Poltergeist eyes. Creepy, much? To add insult to injury, her hair looks totally crispy and even photoshop couldn't add back any shine or movement. Poor Perry, this Miley move will take months of hair recovery. And the red spaceship latex bodysuit doesn't scream high fashion--more like Britney circa 1999.

2.) W Magazine, November 2013

Hi, I'm Katy Perry, I have extremely large breasts. I'm a female lioness and I do meth. The W Magazine cover tries to be sultry but ends up being scary. Perry once again looks like some galactic femme bot with a mission to murder by way of suffocation in her extra large bosoms.

3.) Esquire Magazine (UK), August 2010

The boobs are front and center again. Also, Perry looks like an innocent goth schoolgirl from the neck up and a bad S&M instructor from the waist down. Showing off her larger than life chest again, Perry is capitalizing on her curves for creating buzz. In real life Katy looks more like this. Quite the contrast from her madam days at the brothel.

4.) Harper's Bazaar (Japan), October 2015

I'm a geisha with a lazy eye. Just kidding, I'm famous celebrity Zooey Desch---, oh wait, Katy Perry. Fanning herself with some chiffon dress while taking a break from natural makeup, this cover screams crazy lady trying to be cool. No one is buying it.

5.) YRB Magazine

She's tough as nails and she'll cut you. For snacks, she likes gold chains and anything metallic. You better step away paparazzi, this girl has a serious zombie-like affliction. Oh, and those really bad short uneven bangs, they just add to the IDGAF attitude. Back off bitches.

6.) GQ, February 2014

Perry says: "Smell my armpits, please. Take a whiff, no, really. Is my natural deodorant on fleek or on fail today? Look! I shaved though. Oh, and those come-hither eyes, well, craft service brought cheeseburgers to the shoot so I was seriously jonesing for a beef patty."

7.) Parade Magazine, July 2012

She's patriotic. She's purple. She's perky! Katy Perry knows how to celebrate the Fourth of July in style. Grab a Dr. Seuss hat, paint your hair dark lilac and salute with a super shiny jacket. Never mind that you're not 12-years-old in an Independence Day parade, this look is totally fashionable for a grown woman, right?

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