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9 Celebrity Kids Who Could Be Models

Not surprisingly, the rich and famous often produce comely offspring. Dripping with genetic goodness, many celebrities mate with other attractive superstars and this produces = pretty people. While not all celeb kids are as stunning as their parents, some actually even exceed their gorgeous DNA.

Here are 9 Celebrity Kids Who Could Be Models:

1.) Kaia Gerber

For most kids, being 15-years-old is a time of acne, unusal odors and body hair but for Kaia Gerber puberty is all about growing long legs and having perfect skin. The daughter of one of the original supermodels Cindy Crawford, Kaia is just as pretty as her mom, if not even more striking.

2.) Cassidy Gifford

Blonde, blue-eyed with sweet good girl smile, Cassidy Gifford is as all-American as it gets. Born to famed footballer Frank Gifford and TV chat queen Katie Lee, Cassidy looks just like a more California version of mom.

3.) Romeo Beckham

Perhaps a kid was never named more aptly than Romeo Cruz. Dashing and darling and only 14-years old, the son of David and Victoria Beckham is bound to break hearts and score soccer goals.

4.) Hailie Jade Mathers

With changing looks as she grew up, blonde and buxom Hailie Jade might be one of the lesser known celebrity kids but dad Eminem is a much recognized and maligned rapper. Recently, Hailie posted stunning photos of herself on Instagram. While she looks extremely tiny and toned, Hailie has looked curvier in the past. Still, this ever-evolving 21-year-old definitely could be Hollywood's next It Girl.

5.) Lily-Rose Depp

A mere 17-years-old and the daughter of beloved Jack Sparrow actor, Johnny Depp, Lily-Rose could easily be the next indie ingenue. She's quirky, eccentric and lithe, just like mom Vanessa Paradis. Ring, ring--Tim Burton calling.

6.) The Girls of Sly Stallone

Forget the Kardashian sisters. Scarlet, Sistine and Sophia Stallone make for one super hot girl squad. The daughters of model Jennifer Flavin and Sylvester Stallone, these lanky and leggy ladies could easily grace the cover of the next Cosmopolitan.

7.) Ava Sambora

When your mom is Heather Locklear, odds are you won't turn out all Shrek-ish. Still, Ava Sambora is just shy of 20, super cute and surely in the popular sorority in college. 

8.) Scott Eastwood

Holy Hotness, Batman! Scott Eastwood, son of famed director and actor Clint Eastwood and Jacelyn Eastwood appears to have dipped his toes deep into the gorgeous gene pool. In his early thirties, Eastwood is Hugh Jackman 2.0.

9.) Patrick Schwarzenegger

Handsome, tall, buff and rich, Patrick is totally #swoonworthy. Son of famed bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger, this 23-year-old hunk has major movie star potential.

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