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8 Ways to Nail the Boho Chic Trend

Whether you're off to Coachella or a local festival this spring, odds are you'll be looking to play the part of a concert going nymph. Showcasing a free spirit doesn't have to break the bank or involve a hodgepodge of thrift store wares, instead, there are plenty of ways to celebrate free love, good music and the buzz of nature with the right boho chic pieces.

Here are 8 Inspired Ways to Nail the Boho Chic Trend:

1.) Tie-Dye

No need to breakout those terrible neon rainbow multi-colored t-shirts from the 80s. Subtle and sophisticated tie-dye makes for a romantic and ethereal maxi dress. Paired with a choker, floral headband or tribal statement necklace and this look is bound to garner glances from the crowds.

2.) Floppy Hat

Be the carefree concertgoer in a friendly festival hat. Perfect for long days spent dancing, singing, drinking and playing, a straw hat is a must-have for marathon outdoor parties.

3.) Flower Crown

Swaying in the moonlight requires a hint of hippie and nothing says flower child better than a crown of pretty petals. 

Forever 21, Rose Flower Crown Headwrap, $7.90

4.) Gladiator Sandals

Grassy gossip, long starlit walks and standing for hours listening to breezy melodies requires comfortable and casual footwear. Any good wandering woodland gypsy better own a pair of tassel lace-up gladiator sandals. 

5.) Cutoff Shorts

Every perennial concertgoer needs a pair of distressed denim shorts. Whether frayed, bleached or embellished with lace or crochet, a gypsy girl must subscribe to the trend of wearing airy and easy garments for long festival nights.

6.) Floral Duster

A kimono or floral duster is a rockfest must-have. Blocking breezy air, creating coverage and disguising any grass or dirt stains, a light cover-up is a fest chick necessity.

Charlotte Russe, Mixed Crochet Fringe Kimono, $25.99

7.) Fringe Bag

Even though it seems unlikely that you'll need more than a cellphone and a smile to hit up the grassy knolls of Coachella, it's probably going to be long days and epic nights and the need for everyday essentials like hand sanitizer, chapstick and sunblock will become very apparent quickly. A crossbody bag with 70s vibes fits the bill.

Forever 21, Genuine Leather Crossbody, $22.90

8.) Tribal Earrings

Colorful, fun and zany tassel earrings will elevate any humdrum hippie outfit. Perfect for creating happy and bright Instagram pictures--this ear candy will stun and surprise and delight even the most frequent festival goers.

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