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8 Celebrities with Horrendous Street Style

Whether you run errands in full-on grunge garb or you like to look polished and pretty while sipping your Starbucks at Target, it's not matter. Every attire is acceptable for street wear. Still, there are some celebs who take the 'errand wear, don't care' motto a little too far. From strange mumus to oversized parkas and crop tops, these 8 celebrities need to up their game when it comes to dressing for public outings.

Here are 8 Celebrities With the Worst Street Style:

1. Eva Mendes -- Chiquita Cha Cha

Being coupled with one of the hottest hunks in Hollywood should be motivation enough to dress a little less like a street vendor on a Carribbean island, but Mendes doesn't care. Sporting a super tropical dress-shirt and tacky gold earrings, this New York & Company spokesperson looks a little like she should work at the local flea market hawking old antiques.

2. Britney Spears -- Trailer Park Temptress

Britney might be the darling of Las Vegas but she's a sinner and not a saint when it comes to her street style. Frequently looking as anti-Kardashian as it gets, this unkempt starlet loves a good belly baring shirt, denim cutoffs, winter boots and lots of leg on show. Poor Brit, Brit, just live every American she loves hitting up the stores in a clothing miscellaneous mashup--even if it's toxic.

3. Mary Kate Olsen -- Hobo Millionaire

She may be super rich but that doesn't mean she has super style. Along with twin, Ashley, MK manages to look like an elderly bag lady with oversized jackets, strange sweaters and odd crumpled pants. Often wearing loads of layers, this former Full House star needs a style intervention.

4. Lena Dunham -- Real Deal

Far from trying to put on some air of perfection, this Girls star loves to wear funky, awkward and unflattering workout and retro-inspired clothing for her everyday errands. She tries hard to be like Taylor Swift but is falling a tad short. Keep reaching Lena.

5. Fergie -- Sour Notes

This Black Eyed Peas singer loves to pronounce her love of all things boho and rocker. She adores a good pair of tall motorcycle boots, Nirvana attire and an explosion of clothing best described as edgy 70s gypsy. Does any of it match? Look appropriate for a 40-something mom? Is she trying to standout as a washed up rockstar? So many questions. So few answers. At least she's still fergalicious. 

6. Khloe Kardashian -- Slumber Party Walking

Yes, sometimes Koko looks ah-mazing in her ripped jeans and strappy heels prancing down Rodeo drive or some other papparazzi infested area of California. But Khloe has a penchant for fur--furry slippers, furry bags and furry jackets, that might lead to her style downfall. Sorry, but sleepwear and daywear are just not the same.

7. Hilary Duff -- Overall Decent

Yes, Hilary isn't always in attire that screams 'celebrity breakdown alert.' She has her fair share of nice skinny jeans, easy t-shirts and classy heels. Still, Hilary can totally screw up a street style look by donning weird tablecloth shirts, vintage dresses and manly ensembles.  Hilary needs to find a consistent and flattering style and overalls don't count.

8. Amy Poehler -- Parks and Wreck 

Sure, she's a comedian, busy mom and author but that still doesn't excuse her lazy street style. Often spotted in seriously ratty clothes, this Saturday Night Live personality needs a full makeover from head to toe. After all, Amy is not in high school or starring in a pot-friendly movie about a washed up grunge band. 

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