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7 Reasons Why You Should Not Broadcast Your Romance Like Meghan Markle

Labeled a social climber, fame seeker and completely dislikable, Meghan Markle has already taken her fair share of media hate. While Prince Harry seems madly devoted to his divorcee girlfriend, no doubt assimilating into the royal family will take some time for this scorned yoga fanatic. But what about the Harry and Meghan PDA? Well, while there hasn't been much in the way of public smooch sessions, there have been many clues that these two lovebirds are celebrating their couplehood. The Suits star has frequently been spotted in jewelry declaring her love for the prince. For some, this is a sweet and subtle way to broadcast a blossoming love affair...but really is it smart to publicly proclaim your status in the form of cutesy jewelry?

Here are 7 Reasons Why You Should Not Broadcast Your Romance Like Meghan and Harry:

1. It's Juvenile

Friendship bracelets, matching and monogram jewelry are all really cute if you're in middle school. As a grown-up in a solid's a little peculiar. While many celebrities have jewelry with their kids' initials, it seems forced to wear jewelry declaring loud and proud your relationship status.

2. It's an A-for Attention Seeking

Meghan Markle knows she when and where she will be photographed and makes sure to wear her favorite H-ring AND necklace (does she really need two jewelry pieces with Prince Harry's initials?) any time their is a whiff of paparazzi nearby. It seems that Meghan is hoping to be caught donning her beloved accessories for more publicity.

3. It's Insecure

Whether you're gushing about your love on Facebook or running errands with a slew of initial jewelry, publicly making a scene about your love means something is off. Why do you need to mark your territory and remind others of your current romance?

4. It's Silly

Sharing the same beaded bracelet is like wearing matching clothing or getting couples tattoos. It reeks of some type of desperation.

5. It's Not Discreet

While Prince Harry has asked the media to stop bothering his potential future bride, he doesn't ban Meghan from making love statements with her charm necklace and ring. By wearing her beloved gold trinkets, Meghan is only fanning the flames on her royal romance as public fodder.
6. It's Begging for Criticism

Meghan has a lot to overcome as an American D-list actress with a previous divorce in her mid-thirties being betrothed to one of the most desirable men in the world. Wearing alphabet baubles only calls for more questions and insults.

7. It's Too Much

If you're in love, there's no need to shout it from the rooftops. You and your beloved should enjoy and revel in each other's company--it's unnecessary to proclaim it from every angle. Wearing your love on your chest, your fingers, your wrists is much too much. Bask in your love glow in private!

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