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7 Reasons Why Ombre Hair Won't Look Good on You

Ombre is everywhere. Sarah Jessica flounces about with her dip dyed follicles, Rachel Bilson boomerangs back to her dark roots and Jessica Biel flirts with honey ended hair. You'd think that celebrities were seriously becoming lazy and missing their regular color appointments--but no, in fact, they're all sporting the balayage-ombre hair trend. And while you rush to bring your stylist a picture of Drew Barrymore looking all hippie happy, you'd better hold your horses. Ombre is not for everyone. I learned the hair-d way that I could not pull off this easy breezy hairstyle.

Here are 7 Reasons Why the Ombre Hair Trend Won't Look Good on You Either (sorry):

1.) Curl Power
Unless you have a team of hair and makeup people who can curl and coif your hair everyday, ombre will not look good. It takes a super sleek blowout or lots of curls to create a glamorous grow-out look. Unless you're a Kardashian, with a beauty squad, your ombre will likely look like bad root outgrowth rather than cool graduated color.

2.) You're Not Chrissy Teigen or Camila Alves
Unless you have superwoman Amazonian thick hair (or loads of extensions), ombre will not look great. Fine haired women be warned! This beach babe two-tone hair really only looks gorgeous with thick, full and ultra-voluminous strands.

3.) Reckless Roots
Ombre hair may look good when it's flowing over your shoulders and it's been perfectly barrel curled but it will not look good as you pull your hair back and run to the gym. Suddenly it's here, there, dark hair everywhere. The contrast of blonde to brown is gone every time you want to wear a ponytail or a bun.

4.) Limp Lady
Ombre locks tend to look greasy, disheveled and unkempt when they're a bit unwashed. For women with thin or fine strands, having more weighed down roots is really unflattering and makes everyone think you bathed in lard or gave yourself a coconut oil mask that got out of control. Bleaching strands blond ruffles up the cuticle so hair appears to have more volume, thus, to leave the crown with dark hair weighs down the face and is terribly difficult to pull off.

5.) Selfie Distress
When I decided to go ombre, I noticed in photos it looked like I was wearing a toupee! A round, dark halo of brown roots does not always make for a pretty picture.

6.) Bye Bye Brightness
Highlights and hair color in general should offer the complexion and eyes a bit of a boost. With no highlights at the crown, the face can look drastically pale and sallow. And what's the point in dying fragile ends with bleach?!?

7.) Even Blake Can't Pull It Off
If Blake Lively can't pull off ombre hair--the rest of us are doomed. For her pregnancy, Lively abandoned her hair color regimen and ended up with super duper roots. Yikes. Just look how much better she looks with her regular blonde job vs ombre HERE. 'Nuff said.

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