Amy M. Spagnola


7 Easy Ways to Look Better in Photos

Capturing that perfect selfie may seem like a mindless feat but in reality--taking a good photo is an art form. The right smile, posing, posture tricks and angles can make all the difference between looking more Giselle, less gorilla. Whether you want to hide or disguise a flaw--i.e. bad skin, thunder thighs, crooked teeth or a bad haircut, fear not, there are a multitude of ways to get the perfect picture.

Here are 7 Easy Ways to Look More Camera Ready:

1.) Bend it Like Beckham

The vast majority of people pose for photos by standing squarely facing the camera. While this may show a lot of lens love, it does not make for a particularly stellar photo. Instead, tilting slightly and doing a peek-a-boo backward glance gives the body a streamlined effect and adds some va-va voom curves.

2.) Criss Cross Apple Sauce

Every Hollywood starlet knows one of the best secret slimming tricks is the red carpet crossover. Creating a thinning effect, this leg over leg maneuver is a weapon in the war against looking wide and wobbly.

3.) The Strut

Maybe the creation of the catwalk was all about showcasing clothing in the most flattering way possible. A moving figure leaves a trail of great photos in its wake. When legs are parted and the body is angled appropriately, a dreamy picture is bound to be snapped.

4.) Eye Orgasms 

Most people respond to photo opps by grinning ear to ear. "Say cheese" is followed by big toothy smiles and overly forced happiness. For the true photo pros, the key to a memorable snap is a subtle, sexy and sultry smile. The result? A relaxed grin that is en fuego. 

5.) Crooked Stance

While at a party it might seem insane to suddenly shift the body to one side, add a hand on a hip, shoot a teeth-less stare and crank one leg out, but no one will be questioning the result. A fierce photo. 

6.) Perk Up

Many people unconsciously shrink, hunch or huddle down in photos. As if under attack by flashbulbs, many are inclined to shrivel up. A great photo is all about super posture--standing tall, straight and looking confident.

7.) Break the Rules

Sometimes the hands on the hips, the backward glances and the crisscrossed legs feel tired. In these cases, the best way to execute a great photo is to have some fun. Celebrate the moment and exude some joy. Dial into that inner happiness guru.

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