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7 Celebrities Who Look Drastically Different After Cosmetic Procedures

While many celebrities look amazing while they are almost ready or in the ballpark of collecting their AARP cards (hello JLo!), there are still those that try and stop father time through various interventions, namely fillers. Here are a few examples of why everything in moderation is a good statement to live by. Also, don't they have lasers and scalpels and things besides puffing up your face with poison in Hollywood? What ever happened to a good old microdermabrasion?

Here are 7 Celebrities Who Look Drastically Different After Cosmetic Procedures:

1.) Geena Davis

In the past, actress Geena Davis was regarded as serious eye candy with model-like looks and a charming and deviously playful on-screen presence. In recent years, though, this League of their Own star has fallen off the grid. Raising children and on her fourth marriage 61-year-old Davis has undoubtedly weathered a bit of professional and personal stress. Being married to a plastic surgeon, likely doesn't help Davis avoid facial filler overload. Still, it's rather remarkable how much Davis doesn't look like herself anymore. Even in 2009, just eight years ago, this beloved ginger was much more normal looking and less puffy.

2.) Shania Twain

Regarded as a stunning songstress in her prime, Shania Twain one over many female and male fans with her smooth country ballads and pop hits, not to mention her gorgeous face and bod.  Today, Twain is nearly unrecognizable. With the classic filler face--squinty eyes, smooth forehead and chipmunk cheeks, this brunette beauty looks like a weird hybrid between Lori Loughlin and Renee Zellweger. To put Shania's plastic surgery fail into perspective, keep in mind that Jennifer Lopez is a mere four years younger!

3.) Jennifer Aniston

Rachel doesn't really look like Rachel anymore. Instead of aging gracefully and sticking to her Aveeno and Smart Water, Aniston appears to have visited her cosmetic surgeon or local spa for a tune-up or more like a crank-up. With a burgeoning joker face, 48-year-old Aniston is looking more and more odd and plastic. For more proof, look at the stills from the Graham Norton show where Aniston was a recent guest and full of chit chat and filler.

4.) Courtney Cox

Another Friends star has been getting Botoxed hard. Goodbye natural beauty, hello filler face. At one time Courtney Cox had thin lips, beautiful bone structure and captivating blue eyes. Now, she has large puffer lips, recessed squinty eyes and major face bloat. What happened to this 52-year-old's natural good looks?

5.) Nicole Kidman

Look away small children--it's not a Halloween horror--it's Nicole Kidman. Appearing as though she's some strange inflated sea creature, the former 49-year-old Mrs. Cruise needs a Botox intervention, like yesterday. What happened to her proclaiming that her secrets to aging well were about staying out of the Aussie sun and living a healthy lifestyle?

6.) Cameron Diaz

Once known for looking like the ultimate sorority chick with long legs, Shrek voice star Cameron Diaz was a stunning and gorgeous supermodel. Today, Diaz extolls the virtues of a healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle regimen, but it appears as though she's spending more time at the doctor's office than in the gym. This 44-year-old is hardly recognizable from her former self and it's a tragedy. Cue the collective weeping of men the world over.

7.) Megan Fox

The beloved of Brian Austin Green has repeatedly claimed she's not an avid user of fillers and injectables, however, her face tells a different story. At one time, Fox had freckles (gasp!), normal facial symmetry and volume and a cute cheerleader-next-door look. Today, she's smooth, scary and looks like a plastic doll. To add insult to injury, Fox appears to be years and years older than her actual age of 30!

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