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10 Worst Jessica Simpson Fashion Fails

Leaving the limelight behind, in the last few years Jessica Simpson has embraced motherhood, wife life and oh, yes, "work" on her billion dollar empire. While many people associate Simpson with daisy dukes and ditzy remarks, this southern blonde has made a fortune in fashion. And while her clothing, shoe and accessory line might be extremely popular, it doesn't mean Simpson takes notes from her own handbook.

Here are 10 of the Worst Jessica Simpson Fashion Fails:

1. Pink Stink

Holy Dolly Parton, Simpson seems far too busty to pull off this hot pink summer dress. Appearing as though she just snagged this last markdown clearance dress at Gordman's--the former Newlyweds star appears confused by her own style choices or lack thereof.

2. Zombie Bride

The perfect outfit for the Teen Choice Awards? A Frederick's of Hollywood corset with scary undead makeup and some fishing-friendly cropped cargo pants and gold heels. Simpson appears drunk and deranged in this unflattering jockey getup.

3. Animal Planet

Meet your pretty and perky young zookeeper Jessica. She enjoys greeting zoo guests, feeding animals and loves her role as Sea Barbie over in Otter World.

4. Lookout Betsey Johnson

Running to her Sesame Street audition, Simpson clearly has the fashion chops for playing Big Bird's long lost crazy cousin Bellbottom Bird. 

5. Treasure Chest 

Hide your children. Avert your eyes. It's an attack of flesh and nipple and areola. Simpson proudly shows off what her mama gave her and then some.

6. Sparkle Express

For Simpson, nothing says fashion better than a big gray dress with a ton of shiny embellishments. Appearing more curvy than ever, Simpson looks matronly in this dreary dress.

7. Mommy Dearest

They were the mom jeans heard round the world. Simpson flaunted her burgeoning assets in these unforgettable high-waisted mom jeans only to be mocked relentlessly in the press. The cheetah belt didn't help matters.

8.  Print Problems

In theory, a little mini dress in a striking Aztec print sounds like a great idea for a fashion statement. Paired with some clunky wedges and suddenly you're a style superstar. Except for at this Good Housekeeping event, it appeared as though Simpson was being strangled by a pair of sheeny Florida condo drapes. 

9.  Mellow Yellow

Looking ever bit the Ivanka Trump of the MTV set, Simpson piled on the ruffled yellow to hit up this swanky red carpet event. While not flattering or age appropriate, this aspiring FLOTUS sure loves her canary colors.

10. Malibu Prom

For Simpson, less is not more. More is more and especially when it comes to fancy dresses. This Marchesa tulle dress is exuberant to say the least but the layers and layers and layers and layers of chiffon make this pop princess look more like a crazy cake topper. 

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