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Top 10 Crazy and Cool New Ulta Products Available Now

Nothing feels better than following up a crappy day with a beauty binge at Ulta. There is something so gratifying about leaving with that orange plastic bag. It's like a dose of hope lives in the shelves alongside the mascaras, haircare and perfumes. If you're like me, a fickle beauty connoisseur, then you know all about the 'research' required to sampling and selecting the perfect products. Well, every beauty junkie lives for the new releases, the latest products that might find their way into our hearts and homes and on our faces.

Here are 10 new interesting products hitting Ulta shelves:

1. Sleep Booster by Perricone, $35
I'm not a particularly stellar sleeper. I've tried all the usual suspects-melatonin, lemon balm and magnesium but often still will find myself wide awake at the vampire-ish hours of 2am to 4am. This supplement looks promising as it has ashwagandha, an adaptogen that can help with cortisol as well as velvet bean extracts to boost those feel-good neurotransmitters.

2. Curlbar by Hot Tools, $99.99
A curling wand that looks like a weapon might seem a bit strange but this unique tool promises to help hairstylists who strain and struggle with the whole 'curling a client' process. While I don't think I will personally be purchasing this near $100 wand-gun, I think the concept is rather cutting-edge and may scare off would-be salon burglars.

3. Devacurl Build Up Buster, $28
I did not know that curly hair required 'busting' but you learn something new every day. This magic serum apparently rejuvenates sad spirals into cheery curls once again. Calling all Halle Berrys!

4. Galaxy Chic Eye Palette, $16
For those who love pretty palettes full of cosmic colors and glittery pigmented shadow--this is a must buy from BH Cosmetics. Also, it's perfect for days when you want to just YOLO the crap out of going to the grocery store by donning a face full of rainbow makeup.
The first of its kind in the 'spray on exfoliant' category, this enzyme rich spritz will have all your dead skin cells begging for mercy. Extracts like milk thistle and licorice root brighten the skin and add some serious glow power.
Everyone has those days when they just need a pick-me-up. Most people try coffee, energy drinks or a power nap but now a new kid is on the block and his name is snail slime. Yes, get your eye patches full of snail goop and colloidal gold and suddenly you're like Christie Brinkley but better. 

7. Black Soybean Milk Pudding Sleeping Pack, $28
If there's one thing I've been missing in my life--it's some sleep pudding. An overnight mask promises to boost cell regeneration with soybeans and milk protein. Hope we can lick it off in the morning.

If you're a girl on the go and are so sick of goopy cleansers ruining all your cute cosmetic bags--this might be your new fav. Travel-ready water-activated cleanser transforms skin in just 7 days to a brighter, smoother state. Amen.

Just when I've kind-of mastered overnight oats and chia smoothies, now, I have to learn to use these mini-black seeds to plump up my hair. Good gawd. What's next flaxseed hairspray?

10. Hairgurt Smoothing Masque, $10
Another food-meets-beauty hair product, this smoothing strawberry and banana masque is filled with quinoa, bio-keratin and even prebiotics. Prepare to have some delicious hair. Also in almond honey.

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