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The New 'It' Beauty Trend: Freckling

Many women try bleaching creams, skin lightening serums and sunscreen in an effort ward off and eliminate those microscopic brown spots called freckles. While any Irish person can attest, many so-called 'sun spots' are actually found on the skin at an early age. My mother for instance, was less than five years old and covered in brown dots.

But the new trend is not about shunning skin speckles or masking them with the world of beauty--it's all about the freckle tattoo. No longer is permanent makeup just for eyeliner and tattoo eyebrows (microblading)--the new 'it' thing is to add a bounty of brown spots.

Gabrielle Rainbow, a cosmetic tattoo artist showed off the results of her freckling on Instagram after dabbling with drawing the spots on with makeup. The freckles last around two years and may lighten with time.  Rainbow shows off many other clients who have taken the plunge into permanent makeup and gotten spotty for the sake of beauty.

Many celebrities are all about the freckled face. For instance, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry's new love is clearly sporting some spots. Olivia Munn shows off her blotchy visage. Emma Watson has some pale pigment. Kylie Jenner has a surprising amount of brown buddies. And Emma Stone also looks lovely with multiple sun specks.  Even supermodel, supermom, superwife Giselle sports some Brazilian brown spots on her nose.

The benefits of a freckled face?

A youthful or cute-as-a-button freshness.  A bunch of beautiful imperfections to show off. A face full of history, fun and sun.

If you're looking to freckle-ize your face, it's best to try temporary makeup--such as the products from Freck Yourself or Beauty Marks before taking the plunge to the $250 permanent procedure. After all, beloved brown spots today may be dreadful discolorations tomorrow. Play it safe and stick to something less long-lasting.

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