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Fashion Roundup: The 3 Best and 3 Worst Looks from Victoria Beckham's New Line for Target

My love of Posh Spice goes deep. Known for being unabashedly glamorous, this former girl group phenom has always held a special place in my heart. Practically born wearing high heels, Victoria Beckham has lived, breathed and eaten fashion (likely the only thing she does eat). She's a walking runway show and never fails to wear #bitchface with aplomb. While most people could not afford to wear strikingly beautiful dresses like this $1377 contrast fitted dress from her eponymous fashion line, or any of her ready to wear designer duds, there is hope. A new day has dawned and Victoria has sold her soul to the mass retail chain Target. In April, even thriftinistas can get their hands on some of the flashy fashion created by this former pop star and soccer mom extraordinaire. But how do we size up these new threads?

Here are the 3 Best and 3 Worst Looks from Victoria Beckham's New Line for Tar-jay (available April 9):

Look 1
Twill Tank Top, $26
Twill Flared Trouser, $40
Yes, I'm woman hear me roar in my bright pink pantsuit. Perfect for killing that meeting agenda or taking names as #girlboss powerhouse, this look could go from boardroom to bedroom in no time flat. Hit the bars, hit on the boys and then hit the clubs in this sassy two-piece.

Look 14
Unlike most of the looks in the Victoria Beckham for Target collection--this is actually one that VB would probably wear. In fact, she actually DID! The scallop trip, shift shape and bright tangerine color is giving this dress designer feels. Would this sack-like silhouette look good on every gal who strolls through the local Target buying Monistat and bananas? Probably no. 

Look 10
I guess when you're as thin as Victoria Beckham, you're drawn to shapes that hide your figure, conceal those rolls and show off just legs and arms. Wait a minute...for someone as lithe as Ms. Beckham, she sure does like to conceal and not reveal. Here is another splendid example of her undying affection for the mod-retro shift dress. A black tulip gives this otherwise ordinary dress a little whimsy and personality. It feels designer-ish, which is a good thing. Also, it will be probably work for at least a season or two as a summer throw it on and not-care-too-much-about-the-bra situation dress. 

Look 16
Wowza this is bad. Did Steven Segal come to Vic in a dream and tell her to create a long Asian-inspired pantsuit with hideously large calla lilies? There is so much wrong with this ensemble. Number 1. It's very manly and monk-like. 2. The flowers don't add any feminine flair but instead create more confusion and additional eye strain and look like they were plastered on top of a chef's uniform 3. The fit is baggy, billowy and bad news for anyone without a skeletal frame as it will resemble a garbage sack gone amok. Also, is it just me or does this outfit have some weird Star Wars vibes? Maybe David was watching the movie over and over and Vics got inspired.
$30 for the Button Down Top/$40 for the Wide Leg Pant

Look 8
Poplin Gathered Waist Dress, $35
What the what? This can't be anything Victoria Beckham would own or even use for a dog rag. Also, the model seems very high or a little sleepy. And she looks like Kirsten Dunst, right? Anyway, this maternity nursing style dress with a dash of candy striper is just really odd. The sleeves are large and in charge. It appears as though a men's striped shirt was turned upside down and the neck holes are now sleeves. Also, why is this dress giving us bad middle school cafeteria lunch lady flashbacks?

Look 7
Retro Tie Waist Romper, $30
Holy disco fever. This outfit is making me want to see Austin Powers real bad. This might actually look good on Heather Graham in some terrible 70s spoof movie. Other than that--how/why/who is going to want to wear a bright orange floral romper to their next summer party? It's not particularly modern, chic or even flattering. It might be cute on a toddler...maybe.

Overall Impressions of the Victoria Beckham for Target Collection:
Strange shapes, full-on florals and odd 'is it beachwear or not?' pieces make this collection a bit of a stinker. None of the pieces feel very cohesive. Most of the looks seem like last minute ideas and nothing is very fresh or fashion-forward. A lot of the silhouettes feel very outdated--how many adult women wear rompers very often? And in bright neon orange with a garden full of florals printed on top? I was expecting something more sleek, sophisticated and cool from this fashion designer and British pop princess.
Final Grade: C-

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