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7 Top Secret TJMaxx Shopping Tips

For every girl who loves a bargain--TJMaxx is the place to score designer handbags on the cheap, cute home decor items and high-end shoes for very little scratch. Any good maxxinista knows that seeking treasures at TJ is about as fun as a roller coaster ride while drinking a glass of wine and getting a foot massage. It's epic fun. But if you're regularly searching out fabulous finds at this clothing store, you're likely interested in a few tips for even better bargains.

Here are 7 Top Secret TJMaxx Shopping Tips:

1.) Yellow Tags are Your BFF
If you spy that red sticker that indicates a clearance item, followed by a yellow sticker slapped on top, you know you've struck gold. Yellow ticket items indicate final markdowns and will be the lowest an item will ever be discounted.

2.) Clean Out Closet Space in January and July
Many stores like TJMaxx need to clear out seasonal inventory at the beginning and middle of the year. Since TJMaxx and similar retailers don't offer coupons or special promotions, this is prime time for some retail therapy and to scout for discounted deals.

3.) Posh = Purple
No need to live in New York City or Los Angeles to score designer merchandise. The local TJMaxx marks any 'straight off the runway' items with a purple tag.

4.) Go for the Groceries, Purchase the Pet Supplies
Pet supplies such as beds, bowls and leashes are drastically discounted from the local Petsmart or Petco at TJMaxx. And those gourmet goodies lining the houseware shelves are often ignored but the dry pasta, coffee and trail mix are a real steal. Many times the shelves will have expensive coconut oil, Himalayan sea salt, matcha powder and manuka honey for much lower than the local health food store.

5.) Wednesday Morning is Magical
Even though TJMaxx stores receive merchandise throughout the week--typically Tuesday through Friday--the best time to seek out those stellar deals is hump day. After hours Tuesday is when markdowns are made so Wednesday morning offers prime time for early access to the best bargains.

6.) Haggle Some $avings
Most of the inventory at TJMaxx is in perfect condition. Less than 5% of all the merchandise is irregular, damaged or defective. If you happen to find a piece of furniture that is chipped or a blouse that is missing a button, try approaching a store employee and asking politely for a discount.

7.) Forget the Website. Sign Up for Social.
Very limited inventory exists on the website and many of the super steals and designer apparel is not available. Instead of perusing the online merch, a better bet is to follow TJMaxx on Facebook or Instagram for a few rare contests, coupons and giveaways.

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