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7 Cringe-Worthy Fashion Statements We Totally Miss From Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The 20th anniversary of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is kind of a big deal. Stars like Sarah Michelle Gellar got all emotional on Instagram declaring her love for the series and her appreciation for the cast and crew. With the show bound to leave a permanent mark on pop culture, today is a day to remember all the badass-ness of a petite blonde named Buffy. It's also a day to look back at the fashion statements that created this 90's sensation. While some of the wardrobe pieces could be totally trendy today (i.e. chokers and motorcycle boots), many of the looks would not be especially chic. Regardless, we love to look back and admire the styles of Sunnydale.

1. Tights with Dresses
Today, wearing nude stockings with a dress would be akin to wearing socks with sandals. A total fashion faux pas except of course if you're Kate Middleton. Yet, those sheeny, shiny stockings with a mini-mod shift dress totally warms our heart and satisfies our lust to be a proper lady while also being a hard-core hottie vampire killer.

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2. Embroidered Jeans
Ah, the days of heavily embroidered bootcut jeans. Colorful, exotic and funky, these jeans worked well with a peasant top or a plain t-shirt. Also, they seemed especially appropriate for biker bars. Today, most people opt not to add neon images and lettering to their pants but back then it was so cool. Trust us on this one.

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3. Chunky Headbands
Back in the days of Saved by the BellBlossom and Clarissa Explains It All, headbands were something to wear daily. Yes, not reserved for yoga class or spin, headbands were a superstar accessory for going to school or out on a date. Nowadays, headbands are a little like the ugly stepsister of scrunchies--mostly banned unless required for some sport activity or a bad hair day. 

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4. Chain Belts
No, in the 90s you didn't have to be some gypsy belly dancer to wear a chain belt. In fact, many women loved a good metal belt for adding some saucy style power to an otherwise plain strapless tank and a leather pant or a skirt and camisole combo. May the chain belt rest in peace.

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5. Floral Nightgown Dress
So romantic. So girly. So pajama-like. The floral and frilly nightgown dress was a classic in the 90s. It was a total winning style as it could be paired with one of Buffy's many leather jackets, cardigans or jean jackets.

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6. Satin and Animal Print Mini-Skirts
Gone are the days of super short mini skirts in silky satin fabric and loud animal print. Back then, micro minis were totally rad with a pair of chunky leather platform boots. We demand a revival.

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7. Perforated Leather Cowboy Tops
Buffy loved wearing all sorts of crazy jacket-tops and this leather look was the epitome of a fierce fashion statement. Perfect with denim, this stylish schoolgirl was totally ready for a impromptu hoedown or a vampire murder party with her collared faux leather button-up.

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