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7 Celebrity Couples Who Look Eerily Alike

There have been studies that people seek to marry people who look like themselves. In a phenomenon  called associative mating, people tend to seek out similar genetic matches as a means of ensuring they will subconsciously pass on their own genes. People like similarity and opposites don't necessarily attract. In fact, most people seek to partner and pair off with a mate of similar attractiveness, education and socioeconomic background. Or someone who looks like their parents (ick?). Many people even start to look like their dogs. Even dog owners seek out pups that share some level of resemblance.

So, what celebrity couples are starting to look strangely similar?

1.) Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds
Is it just me or do these two lovebirds look like they could be brother and sister? Both tall, with oblong faces and squinty eyes, these two even have a similar skin glow. Their kids should be insanely gorgeous. Thanks mom and dad.

2.) Kristin Dunst and Jesse Plemons
While Dunst spent years with handsome hunk Garrett Hedlund, it was a bit of a surprise when she announced a super fast engagement to new love Jesse. But if you look at the two it's not much of a shock. Plemons and Dunst both have ruddy complexions, fair skin, light hair, wide button noses, high cheekbones and stubby teeth.  Hello mirror mate!

3.) George Clooney and Amal Clooney
While not immediately noticeable, George and Amal look strikingly similar. Despite George's perpetual love for blondes, he went for Amal to be his baby mama as he shares more physical characteristics with the Lebanon born attorney. Dark brown eyes, prominent square jaws, thick eyebrows and similar creamy olive facial coloring make these two a perfect match.

4.)  Prince Harry Wales and Meghan Markle
Many are surprised at the romance between commoner divorcee Meghan and royal rebel Harry but just stop and take a look at how crazy similar these two look. Both the Toronto-based beauty and Diana's son have very unique large ski slope noses, long face shapes with pointy chins, similar eye expressions and full cheeks.

5.) Giselle Bundchen and Tom Brady
To many people, Giselle's strong nose, superhuman height and long square shape face make her look slightly masculine, which is why Tom Brady may find the supermodel ultra-attractive...because she looks like himself! Both share lighter eyes, large foreheads, long faces and similar bone structure. Plus, they're both tan and toned!

6.) Jessica Alba and Cash Warren
Like attracts like and this is certainly true for Cash Warren and Jessica Alba. Sharing happy brown eyes, full smiles, oval face shapes and tawny skin--these two definitely look like they could be related. Oddly enough, Jessica and Cash's daughter was born a redhead and doesn't look especially similar to mom or dad.

7. Courntey Cox and Johnny McDaid
Despite a break-up in December 2015, these two lovers (who were introduced by singer Ed Sheeran) have reunited and overcome a lot to be with one another--from touring schedules, different continents and different cultural backgrounds--they've managed to tough out rough waters. Maybe their longevity is due to the fact that they look SO similar--like twins of a different gender. Piercing blue eyes, small, delicate noses, thin lips and similar square face shapes make these two total lookalikes. 

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