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5 Kate Middleton Fashion Fails

Hailed for her prim and proper but still trendy and youthful style, Kate Middleton knows how to look elegant, sophisticated and modest. She often pairs pencil skirt suits with nude pumps and skinny jeans with sweaters and simple wedges. Not one to shy away from a good outfit repeat, she love recycling beloved dresses, jackets and heels. Still, even the Duchess of Cambridge has her off days.

Here are 5 times her royal highness failed to impress in the fashion department:

1. Flower Power
A married mom of two, Kate still manages to have an amazingly trim and toned figure. Despite her love of all things sport, this tomboy adores a good flower printed dress (HERE, HERE and HERE). Even when she's able to pull of a flurry of florals--sometimes it goes a bit overboard. For instance, her Ederm long dress she donned for a charity dinner in October 2015 was just a bit much. The ruffle trim, the heavy pattern and the super long style swallows up this ultra-lithe princess in a mess of sheeny drape material.

2. Picnic March
Yes, the Duchess does love to look as anti-Tara Reid as possible. This brunette beauty is all about classy clothes and subtle accessories. Still, even though her dedication to appeasing the Queen and remaining a respectful royal is all noble, her choice of grandma garments is sometimes a real fashion buzzkill. For instance, this red and white gingham shift dress is a little elderly for the thirty-something beauty and fashion icon. The double buttons, long pleats and picnic print don't help matters.

3. Flashback Fail
While totally unfair to include a picture of the princess pre-royal life, it is obvious how far this English art history student has come. Prior to being one of the most famous women in the world, Kate wasn't as dedicated to her demure dresses and tweed skirt suits. Rather, a young Kate loved a good military jacket, braided discount purse and *gasp* denim skirts with brown tights. Clearly, this royal has an epic glam squad at her beckon call now that she's in the history books.

4. Spot the Fashion Flub
A shiny pleated skirt, nude tights and a belted sheer dot top do not a good outfit make. This whole ensemble made poor Catherine look ages older than her young self as well as causing a style stir; following this sartorial stumble, some accused the Duchess of taking ill-advised fashion advice from sister Pippa who also loves a good polka dot print.

5. Pink Stink
The Royal India tour apparently is a thing. On said tour, Kate broke out this pink floral nightmare and paired it was ultra-evening earrings and hair. Tassels, tie front and a black embellishment design made this confusing party dress feel odd and out of place. Plus, Katie's favorite blue wedges did not match this ensemble at all.

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