Amy M. Spagnola


5 Celebrities Who Need Cosmetic Upgrades

While celebrities are human after all--this doesn't mean they're exempt from the physical quirks and imperfections just like the rest of us commoners. The one distinguishing factor--celebrities have the money, time and access to doctors, dentists and cosmetic enhancement specialists to remove or remedy any unsightly shortcomings.

Here are 5 celebrities who could use a bit of an upgrade in their appearance:

1. Katie Holmes: Teeth

Recently stating that she drinks "coffee like water," it appears as though Holmes' caffeine addiction has become more of an affliction. With stained and stubby teeth, the former Mrs. Cruise could use a dramatic dental overhaul to perfect her yellow smile.

2. Britney Spears-Hair

The Princess of Pop, Britney Spears has made what most would consider a career comeback with her Las Vegas show. Still, Brit can never escape continual follicle fiascos. Forever sporting straggly, ghetto girl hair, this songstress can't seem to find a stylist who knows how to give a girl a decent weave.

3. Kelly Ripa-Chest

While I don't endorse breast augmentation surgery, there are a few celebrities who would benefit from a little more bosom for their buddies. Kelly Ripa, arguably ultra-fit could use a little enhancement or at least a padded swimsuit top.

4.  Cameron Diaz-Skin

While she advocates for a healthy lifestyle and natural beauty, Diaz might need to rely on more than kale and quinoa to restore her visage. Once ridden with acne, Diaz is now battling ruddy skin, crow's feet and some splotches.

5. Kate Moss-Overhaul

If you're curious as to what hard partying, smoking and alcohol do to your face, hair, skin and body, look no further than former supermodel Kate Moss. At 43 years old, Kate Moss has lost her youthful looks and could team with Johnny Depp in a documentary about "Aging Poorly."

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