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10 Meghan Markle Fashion Fails

On March 2nd Meghan Markle was by Prince Harry's side to celebrate the wedding of one of his best buds, Tom Inskip. Making her debut as royal arm candy, Markle chose a surprisingly unfashionable ultra-long tiered ruffle floral dress for the ceremony in Jamaica. (In an odd twist, Markle likely had flashbacks to her own Jamaican wedding to Trevor Engleson in 2011.) Imitating Kate the Great, Markle looked like she had taken a 'peek and pull' from Ms. Middleton's closet. Why she would select a dress highly reminiscent of one that was already worn by the Princess and not particularly popular with certain British media outlets is an unsolved mystery. Apparently Ms. Markle is all about copycati-ng her way to the throne.

Here are 10 other times Meghan Markle failed to have a crowning achievement in her fashion choices:

1. Circus Pants
While MM was likely going for a cool-girl vibe with these white palazzo pants--the outfit reads like REI was having a sale on white tents and Meg was like, "sure, I'll take 2" and then ran home to sew them together into some giant uni-pant. Throw on a white t-shirt and wham, bam, style slam. Except no. Other than this creamy ivory looking great with her skin and hair, the ensemble is pretty much a disaster.

2. Pattern Play
Wearing more patterns and prints than Tim Gunn on a Tuesday, this look is not going to work for teatime at the palace. A sloppy striped long sleeve t-shirt and hideous plaid pants plus a large beige clutch create an outfit that needs a serious style intervention. Oh, and the pointy crushed velvet platform heels are one Betsey Johnson ornament away from being certifiably cra cra.

3. Take a Bow
Sure, everyone loves opening gifts wrapped delicately with bows and ribbons and cute decorative paper. However, not everyone should wear gift wrap as a dress. This bad prom dress with a misshapen shoulder corsage feels very desperate and unwieldy.

4. Garden State
Before she left the house, Meghan never bothered to stop and ask herself why it looked like she was in recovery for some breast surgery with a mummy wrapped bodice over a cluster of black flowers? I don't think British high society will respond kindly to outfits like this strange funeral-festive pantsuit.

5. Rainbow Brite
A long multi-colored maxi dress with a some pleating is something Jennifer Lopez might have worn before becoming famous. This tween ombre beach-friendly dress doesn't really scream movie star or her royal highness. 

6. Rhythm and Blues
Meghan LOVES ruffles, pleats and embellishments all over her dresses. She will slap a good ribbon, tie, bow or other hang-y thing off any gown or garment she feels is in need of some style steroids. And she has an affection for pouffy pants and super wide sleeves. The problem is that adding lots of flair to garments doesn't suddenly make them fashion-forward or designer attire as Markle secretly hopes. But it's great fun that the soon to be Mrs. Wales loves to pump up the ugly on her style selections. 

7. Boys 'R' Us
A Peter Pan boys uniform might be the 'It' thing to wear if you were recently robbed and your closet consisted only of this prep school outfit and exercise bras. Except the exercise bras would've likely made for a more pleasing fashion statement than this ill-fitting jacket and shorts-with-cuffs androgynous little boy suit.

8. Aspiring Prom Queen
A satin, shredded dress with lots of fishnet-like detail is not exactly something that Zac Posen would want in his runway shows. Terribly unflattering and slightly goth-ish, this macabre dress is not only lacking any modern inspiration, but resembles something a 50-year-old woman might wear to a local theater production. Tsk, tsk Meghan. 

9. Black Widow
Mrs. Future Prince Harry sure knows how to dress older than her age. This long black full skirt three-quarter sleeve gown is the perfect dress to wear to an AARP art gallery presentation and does nothing for her boxy frame.

10. Tangled Web 
A bodycon Kardashian dress with heavy holographic print doesn't look especially elegant or glamorous. This club-hopping dress is another reminder that Markle has not found her inner fashion stylist and has a long way to go before becoming a fashion icon like her beau's late mother. 

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