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The 3 Best and 3 Worst Looks from Lauren Conrad's New Dress Up Shop

Will it be an RSVP of 'Yes' or 'No' to Lauren Conrad's new party outfits in her Dress Up Shop for Kohl's?  This limited-edition line just launched February 23, 2017 and it's bound to be as successful as her Disney and Runway collections. The range for these girly embellished and feminine print pieces start at $40 and go to $100. Of course, typical LC--everything in the collection is in muted and pale shades with an emphasis on modest cuts and demure coverage, i.e. don't expect to see a neon green bodycon dress with a low cut neckline. For fans of the former The Hills star, this collection is not going to be earth shattering or too exciting (LC loves a classic silhouette, subtle detailing and soft shades) but it may have just enough flair to thrill super fans.

Here are 3 of the Best and 3 Worst Looks from the New Dress Up Shop:


1. Pieced Slip Dress, $60
This mesh detail dress had a modern feel with a subtle retro edge. Perfect for a rooftop terrace party or an evening with the in-laws, this maxi dress is light, ethereal and romantic.

2. Paillete Shift Dress, $60
A standout in this collection of pleated and chiffon baby doll dresses, this is definitely the piece you're packing for Vegas. Shiny, shimmery and sassy, this is a perfect party dress for late night hijinks and clubbing until the sun comes up.

3. Pleated Metallic Dress, $60
Grecian inspired with a sophisticated cool-girl vibe, this easy pleated dress is perfect for elegant soirees or casual affairs. Available in four different colors, this dress is bound to win raves from your BFF squad.


1. Ruffle Maxi Dress, $75
Calling all Amish farmers. This long, unflattering dress with tiered ruffles and chiffon is just too hillbilly to be chic. Maybe it's meant to be worn to a pig roast or a tractor convention? And with strappy bronze heels. No. No. No.

2. Dress Up Collection Jumpsuit, $70
For those mechanics in the world who need a floral jumpsuit for flushing brakes and looking stylish--here's your dream outfit. Also in blue, this ugly one-piece romper gone amok is definitely not going to be flattering on non-model, non-tall, non-lithe, non-ballerinas.

3. Fit and Flare Dress, $60
I want to love, I mean, like, I mean not hate this dress. Straight from the Granny Goes Wild collection, this thrift store prom dress with tons of lace and tulle just feels very outdated and not fresh and fashion-forward.

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