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Tale As Old As Time: Top Picks from All the Beauty and the Beast Apparel

The new live action film of the famous animated Beauty and the Beast movie is set to release on March 17th is going to be a doozy. Fans are waiting on pins and needles to see how the classic girl-meets-monster-who-turns-into-super-handsome-boy story plays out. Emma Watson stars as Belle, the sweet, sheepish and literary loving protagonist, while the Beast is played by fellow Brit Dan Stevens. While everyone is all excited to watch these two dance, sing and fall in love, there's also the fashion. Many retailers have been inspired by this renaissance of the B&B franchise and are debuting lots of chic, cutesy clothing to honor this classic tale.

If you're looking for children's clothing--Gap, Kohl's and JCPenney all have Beauty and the Beast apparel for toddlers.

Here are a few favorites from all the new #beautyandthebeast apparel:

Lace Fit and Flare Dress, Macy's, $59
Perfect for an Easter brunch or a spring baby shower, this crochet trim dress with lace is ideal for singing or spinning in bookstores or town squares.

B&B Key Features: Keyhole cutout with appliqué adds a romantic note to this prim and proper dress

Ruffled Cold Shoulder Maxi Dress, Macy's, $69
The quintessential Belle dress, this sweeping creamy canary dress is light and flowy and perfect for an engagement party or outdoor wedding.

B&B Key Features: Dreamy ruffles, see-through skirt and long length add extra drama

Beauty and the Beast Book Clutch, Macy's, $68
Carry this charming and whimsical fairytale clutch to a theater performance or to a fun birthday party.

B&B Key Features: Beauty and the Beast text and floral embellishments, book binding and candelabra (Lumiere)

Floral Surplice Maxi Dress, Kohl's, $33.99
Sweeping, sophisticated and girly, this floral printed dress is ideal for a date night or dinner out on the town.

B&B Key Features: Flirty florals, a demure sash and long maxi length is elegant and romantic

Charming and boho, this romantic floral and lace daytime dress is perfect for a summer BBQ or a girls night out. 

B&B Key Features: Lacy and understated this off-the-shoulder dress is modest and stylish

Favorite T-Shirts

Right to Left
The Book Was Better, $12.99, High-Low Tee, $14.99, Graphic T-Shirt, $12.99, Natural Beauty, $24.00

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