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Red-y or Not: 7 Period Hacks You've Never Heard Before

For most women, that time of the month can bring on a barrage of hormonal induced unpleasantries like acne, cramps and mood swings. Plus, it can be difficult to maintain a normal routine when Aunt Flo drops by for a visit. When those lady days strike, it might be tempting to curl up into a little ball and wish your life away but there are lots of strategies for making the crimson wave a little easier to ride.

Here are 7 period hacks to survive the time of the month with ease:

Whether hot, cold or scented, a supercharged stuffed animal is a gal's best friend during shark week. If you've got cramps, heat a flax and lavender stuffed bear to use as a heating pad and snuggly mood booster. Promoting restful sleep, a good cuddle is a must-have during the TOM.

2.) Music for Menstruation
Whether you need a "bloody cool" period playlist or just some deep heartwrenching tunes to cry to, a little music can soothe and satisfy during tampon time. From Katy Perry to One Direction to Bastille, there's bound to be a mix of the 131 on 8tracks that makes being on the rag a little less dreary.

3.) Dragon Time
A blend specifically designed to balance emotions, calm, soothe and support the female cycle, Dragon Time from Young Living essential oils could be the answer to your period prayers. Filled with Clary Sage, Lavender, Jasmine, Yarrow and many other hormonal easing oils, this blend is bound to make even the most dreadful Code Red day a breeze.

4.) Dear Kate
For those who skip off to yoga during their menses or feel like a good run (f*ck you), there's a way to workout without fear of leaks, spills and stains. Dear Kate offers activewear and undergarments that go above and beyond the call of duty--the underlux fabric is breathable, moisture-wicking, stain resistant and anti-microbial. Built-in pantyliners hold up to one teaspoon of liquid. Now, spinning during tampon tax time doesn't seem so impossible. Hallelujah.

5.) Prebiotic Wipes
As unsexy as it is, a feminine wipe is a girl's best friend during their cycle days. Crushing odor and keeping things neat and clean, a good refresh is much needed. Luvena wipes have active enzyme protection and inhibit odor and itch. Plus, they relieve and protect that precious cupcake from discharge and dryness.

6.) Panty Prop
Ever receive an invitation to the summer's biggest pool party on a super sloshy P-Day? Well, fear not, there's now absorbent sanitary pad swimwear bottoms that could solve all your PMS woes. For those with a heavy flow, these machine washable panties, swimwear and bodysuits are a real game changer. Swimsuit prices start in the affordable $30-$50 range.

7.) PMS Bites
Healthy, delicious and perfect for red traffic light times, these gluten-free, natural, vegan nutty and coconut bites are like a perfect date brownie or yummy truffle. Filled with ingredients like chamomile, dandelion root and Siberian ginseng, these tasty low-calorie gorge-worthy treats promise to soothe bloating, cramps and irritability. Prices start at $9.99 for a box of six bites. Kiss those mood swings goodbye!

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