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6 Wacky and Weird Celebrity Endorsements

Many celebrities endorse everything from yogurt to perfume, but there are a few celebrities who have huge brands that are seemingly ridiculous matches for their lifestyle or physicality. Jennifer Aniston is one of the sneaky celebrity endorsement hounds and pitches everything from SmartWater, Aveeno, Emirates Airlines and Living Proof Haircare. While Aniston likely does drink gallons of Smart Water, it's less likely that mega-rich Aniston relies on Aveeno to keep her face taut and toned. Instead, high-end facials, lasers and fillers are likely on her skincare schedule. Yet, even with countless endorsements for hair, skincare and transportation, Aniston is not the worst offender in the celebrity endorsement category.

Here are 6 celebrities who are known for ridiculous product endorsements:

1.) Kylie Jenner Lip Kits

Kylie Jenner is slowly besting sister Kim in the fame department. Capitalizing on the tween beauty market, Bruce/Caitlyn's daughter is making herself into a million-dollar brand. Kylie Cosmetics is HUGE. And by far the best seller from this line are the Kylie Lip Kits. Ironically, Kylie is one of the least lip-endowned celebrities that has ever existed (pre-fillers). With thin, microscopically small lips, this heir to the Kardashian throne, is a bit of hypocrite for endorsing a lip enhancing product when her own super sized smacker is the result of injectables.

2.) Oprah Winfrey Weight Watchers

Oprah has a long history with battling the bulge. From 160 to over 200 pounds and everywhere in between, Oprah has not had an easy time shedding and maintaining weight loss. Through the years this talk show titan has lost and gained hundreds of pounds. Is someone with a history of chronic dieting the ideal person to endorse a weight loss program? Wouldn't this be equivalent of hiring a mechanic who frequently broke cars and every now and then got one up and running?

3. Lisa Rinna Depends

Do I know anything about whether Lisa Rinna has incontinence issues? No. Maybe she does. Maybe she needs to wear her lady diapers to bed or to outings involving potential southern spillage. But it's still a strange endorsement for a glamorous, fit Beverly Hills Housewife. Couldn't she find a plastic surgeon who needed an endorsement for lip injectables instead?

4. Jennifer Lopez L'Oreal

With long flowly locks, perfectly tanned skin and curves aplenty, JLo seems like the ideal beauty icon to endorse drugstore haircare. There are only a few problems with this. 1. Jennifer Lopez doesn't use cheap drugstore haircare products--she uses Oribe 2. Jennifer Lopez doesn't look anything like Jennifer Lopez--she actually has super short, frizzy and damaged hair
Younger HERE and Now HERE and HERE and HERE. BFF Leah Remini has more hair than JLo.

5. Lauren Conrad Malibu Spiced Rum

We're confused. Baffled. Bewildered. Lifestyle, health and home guru Lauren Conrad is endorsing a Caribbean rum. WTF?! Now, that she's pregnant, we sincerely doubt Conrad will be having her "usual" rum and cokes.

6. Mila Kunis Jim Beam

For some reason the folks in the marketing department at Jim Beam thought long and hard about a person who represented rugged Kentucky bourbon and they settled on--drumroll--Mila Kunis. I can't think of a poorer match for the brand of traditional whiskeys and bourbons than Ms. Kutcher. A laidback mom of two, with no ties to the south (she was born in the Ukraine) and no connection to hard liquor, this is like making Michael Phelps the rep for an anti-drug campaign.

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