Amy M. Spagnola


6 Really Hideous Beauty Tattoos

Whether you got ink on impulse, or you've been planning on getting some skin paint for awhile, it's always prudent to really think over the intended design--will I like this perma arm art candy forever? Or even next month?

Here are 6 totally cringe-worthy beauty tattoos that could've used some second guessing.

1. Losing Faith
Maybe it's not the worst tattoo in history but it looks a little kidish. The lipstick tube seems 'off.'  Plus, "Faith" is just lacking creative or inspired energy--like 'Breathe' or 'Believe.' We get it--you miss George Michael.

2. Brush Badness
This girl realllllly loves her makeup brushes or is it Chewbaca's undercarriage? This tattoo is out of proportion and way to large for a little lady's arm.

3. Taking Out the Trash
Nothing says self-esteem better than a 'trash' tattoo emblazoned on the skin. Perfect for needy girls everywhere, this confusing heart+lipstick-self-respect tattoo is uber-confusing.

4. Dragon Polish
Taking a spin at goth glam, this tattoo is filled with mixed message. Beauty? Motorcycles? Game of Thrones? Renaissance Festival? I'm lost.

5. Werk-ing It
This tattoo might not have been terrible if not for the text. Will the term 'Werk' be around 5 or 10 years from now? Or will totes, fleek and werk all be buried in the tomb of dying slang?

6. Cali Babe
Is it just me or is this tattoo a tad large? Covering your arm with so much ink might not be advisable for future employment prospects or for religious gatherings or even for the grocery store. FYI

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