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6 Other Times Lady Gaga Bared Her Curvy Tummy

While their was an abs-olute media firestorm over Lady Gaga's Superbowl 2017 performance--with many arguing her tummy was less than taut, this isn't the first time Joanne has bared her mushy midsection.

Here are 6 other times this Italian songstress bared her musical chops and her burgeoning belly:

1. Concert Curves
Pulling out all the stops, and looking a bit like a Courtney Love and Madonna had a secret lovechild with Betsey Johnson, Gaga felt no shame in showcasing her mighty midriff to concertgoers. Playing the piano with plenty of paunch was no thang for this famous pop icon.

2. Street Walking
Little monsters love her bold and colorful costumes, and Gaga rarely disappoints. A seashell bra and goth makeup made this superstar look a bit tattoo parlor reject but the creative flair distracted from a less than six-pack stomach.

3.) Pool Party
Having a "Bad Romance" with a itty bitty bikini, this petite singer took to the beaches in June of 2015 sans social media shade to enjoy a bit of lounge and leisure.

4.) Gaga Globetrotting
Enjoying some time in Brazil, a red haired Gaga savored some time to do her best Ariel impression by suntanning and swimming in South America.

5.) Bulky Bellowing
Never one to blend in, Miss G looks like she's wearing something from the clearance rack of Fascinations. Part bondage, part goth gymnast, all attitude, the singer clearly had added some weight to her petite shape in 2014.

6.) Fleshy Fashionista
Maybe it's "Perfect Illusion" but it seems as though this pop megastar was sporting a fuller figure while out and about a few years ago. Surgery rumors swirled. Lipo? Breast augmentation? Rhinoplasty? Gaga kept mum about any scalpel alterations but did appear a lot more voluptuous.

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