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6 Celebrities Who Look Dramatically Different From Their Former Selves

Clearly, everyone goes through an awkward high school phase--whether it's braces, perms or acne, there are a few struggles that remain eternally timeless as youth milestones. For many celebrities, the trip to superstardom includes the usual growing pains but also often entails some surgical enhancements, hair extensions and body upgrades. While many of the megastars mentioned might seem to have unattainable beauty, truth be told, these celebs underwent huge physical transformations to become the shiny stars of today.

Here are 6 celebrities who would not be recognizable to their former self:

1.) Blake Lively
A newlywed with two daughters at home, this Gossip Girl star has become a darling of the entertainment world. Effervescent, pretty and perky, this blonde beauty is a shell of her former gawky teenage self.

Original Blake:
Stringy hair, crooked teeth, unrefined nose, subtle cheekbones, dirty blonde locks

New Blake:
Buttery blonde highlights, cheek and facial fillers, teeth whitening, fuller hair--extensions for red carpet events, wrinkle and skin smoothing, rhinoplasty, eyebrow shaping, breast implants

2.)  Melania Trump
Officially the FLOTUS, this 46-year old was a struggling model born in Slovenia to a mother who worked as a pattern maker and a father who was in vehicle manufacturing. Rising from humble beginnings, Melania looks quite dissimilar to her younger self.

Original Melania:
Black short hair, bushy eyebrows, thin lips, pale skin, round features

New Melania:
Tanned, taut skin, whitened and straightened teeth, fillers, hair extensions, golden highlights, breast implants

3.) Rashida Jones
Born to a famous father and musical legend, Quincy Jones, this Parks and Recreation star looks nothing like her chubby 8th-grader self. Undoubtedly, growing up in Hollywood can't do wonders for your self-esteem but it can give you access to lots of beautyifying tools and treatments.

Original Rashida
Wide nose, frizzy hair, dark black-brunette, freckled skin, heavier frame

New Rashida
Chin implant, sculpted cheeks, refined nose, waxed eyebrows, lightened hair, weight loss

4.) Beyonce
Would you recognize Queen B from her early years in middle school? With hardly the looks of a superstar-in-the-making, early Bey was a smily plain jane.

Original Beyonce:
Dark braids, full eyebrows, wide nose, thin lips, scraggly teeth

New Beyonce:
Smooth milky skin, sculpted eyebrows, blonde highlights, slimmer nose, fuller lips, straight teeth
Her skin changes are even more apparent HERE and HERE (before) and HERE (after), hair extensions, weaves, wigs

5.) Megan Fox
Raised in a strict religious household in Tennessee, this New Girl and Transformers star became a household name in a short period of time. Renowned as a sexpot and seductress, this leading lady is a married mom of three. #milf

Original Megan:
Ruddy complexion, big eyebrows, oversized teeth, freckled skin, larger nose

New Megan:
Flawless skin, plump lips, fillers--eyebrows, forehead, cheeks, shaped eyebrows, longer shiny dark hair, whitened and straightened teeth, breast implants, hair extensions

6.) Kylie Jenner
Perhaps no one in the history of the celebrity world has changed more dramatically than Kylie Jenner (except maybe Bruce Jenner). From awkward little sister to empire mogul and social media superstar, this lip-loving queen was not born with bee-stung lips or large breasts. In fact, Kylie has been Frankenstein-ed to the point of hardly looking recognizable with her childhood self.

Original Kylie:
Super thin lips, bulbous nose, small breasts, larger frame, spotty skin, brown hair

New Kylie:
Breast implants, skin refining procedures, fillers in face and lips, hair extensions, fake nails, teeth whitening and straightening, rhinoplasty

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