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5 Valentine's Day Surprise Gift Ideas

Many Valentine gift ideas are cheesy or contrived. Some are just plain stupid. While a profane teddy bear or risqué candy hearts might appeal to the juvenile set, there still is the never-ending challenge of finding the perfect V-Day gift to maker her (or his) heart melt--sans silliness.

Here are 5 Valentine's Gift Ideas that might win you the affection of that special someone this year:

1.) Lovey Dovey Poetry
Before you balk at the idea of creating a sweet stanza filled note, bare with me. Original poetry offers a license to express feelings, be creative and have fun. Also, poems need not be elaborate, expensive or excessive in length. If you're more the non-literary type, you can always purchase a super sweet collection of famous anthologies that will leave your sweetheart swooning.

Love Poems Set, $85

2.) Faux Italian Vacation
While totally impractical for most people, a romantic vacation would be the ideal way to say 'I love you' to that special someone. Problem is it's too costly and inconvenient for a spur-of-the-moment trip. If you can't fly her to one of Europe's most beautiful countries, fear not. All you need is some sham airline tickets, a homemade Italian dinner and the sights and sounds of Roma.

3.) Sexy Scavenger Hunt
Everyone loves a scavenger hunt. Everyone. Send her chasing Cupid clues all over the house or in a public spot like a park. Ideal clue destinations include nostalgic memory spots like the site of a first kiss, first meeting or know ;). Get creative and seek out Pinterest and Etsy for additional inspiration. End her hunt with a bouquet of roses or a sparkly something.

4.) Keepsake Memories
In an era of selfie sticks, Instagram and Facebook, there is a definite emphasis on snapping and sharing photos. Have a Valentine's Day to remember by renting a photo booth for endless hours of 'kiss cam' shots. Host a couples party and really up the ante in the Prince Charming department.

5.) Miracle of Massage
No woman would be upset with the gift of some princess pampering for Saint Valentine's Day. Step it up and give her a candle lit, flower petal strewn and chocolate massage. Or pay for her to have a trip to the spa followed by a special homemade prepared dinner of her favorite foods--tacos, pop tarts and sushi could all be on the menu. And draw her a bath at the end of the night...she deserves it.

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