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5 Reasons Why I Want to Be More Like Reese Witherspoon

Many people have celebrity icons and idols. I have many. I have a major girl crush on Kristin Cavallari, Rachel Bilson and Jessie James Decker. Petite, artistic and beautiful, all these ladies have an undeniable 'It' factor. But there's another gal in the ranks of the female celebrity squad who always manages to radiate bliss, beauty and bubbly carefree-ness that is both electric and mesmerizing. Reese Witherspoon is one of only a few celebs (maybe besides Kate Hudson) who always seems genuinely happy, sweet and bursting with serotonin.

Here are 5 Reasons Why I Want to Be More Like Reese Witherspoon

1.) She's Full of a Zest for Life
Reese is often photographed sans Victoria Beckham scowl--she's typically smiling, laughing or full of sorority girl cheer. Even after a tough workout, this 40-year-old mom of three looks perky and playful. Far from the typical Hollywood type, this southern charmer would be the perfect pal for long road trips, late night talks and slumber parities. Just take a look at Reese hanging with Mindy Kaling and Oprah in New Zealand--that's one jovial lady.

2.) She Knows How to Make a Comeback
In May of 2013, Reese and her husband were involved in a major legal snafu concerning a traffic pullover. The Legally Blonde starlet was arrested for disorderly conduct and her husband pleaded guilty to a DUI charge as a result of the incident. Not a happy highlight for the Academy Award winning actress, this petite powerhouse turned what could've been a career ending embarrassment into an opportunity to eat some humble pie. Instead of feeling sorry for herself, letting her professional life become a sh*t show or starting alcohol and drug fueled binges, she simply moved on from the drama and resumed her cheery existence.

3.) She Loves Time with Girlfriends
Not one to hibernate with a select group of high-profile, wealthy and worldly women, Reese is all about hanging out with many commoner folk and keeping her girlfriend posse growing. Instead of feeling all competitive and jealous of other alpha females, she embraces the opportunity to connect and celebrate with her superhero sister circle. She also loves to spend time with her celeb besties and had an epic star-studded 40th birthday with attendees including Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Chelsea Handler, Nicole Kidman, Elizabeth Banks and Olivia Munn.

4.) She Does It All
Successful career. Check. Devoted Wife. Check. Proud Mom. Check. Reese has managed to pull off the ultimate balancing act and has time for herself, fitness, socializing and professional pursuits all while raising a happy family.

5.) She Looks Super Youthful
Reese looks like a cute, glowy twenty-something. Not plastic, not plumped and Botox-ed--instead she looks like a vibrant, healthy and happy young woman. Ava Witherspoon and her mom could be twins. 40 is the new 20.

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