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5 Anti-Life Lessons Learned from the Teen Moms

Kailyn Lowry is receiving a lot of shade from her recent surprise pregnancy announcement. Though the star already has two children with two different dads--no matter, she's secured her parking space at Babies "R" Us for the third consecutive time. While many of the Teen Moms now rarely need to seek employment due to hefty MTV salaries, their sizable bank accounts hardly help them 'grow up' or mature. In fact, most of the fertile females on the show are on baby #2 or #3. The MTV producers should give themselves a champagne toast for selecting young women who seem to be extremely talented at getting pregnant, lack access to birth control and have no problem continually bringing home babies despite turbulent or new-ish relationships. Chelsea Houska gave birth to baby number two but was pregnant before tying the knot--still not ideal. I guess it's a sign of the times as more than half of all children born to millennials are born outside of wedlock.

Here are 5 life lessons learned from the baby-happy ladies of Teen Mom:

1.) Different Dad, Different Problems
Moving from one guy to the next is not going to erase or eradicate the challenges of marriage or parenthood. Maci Bookout is on daddy #2, while Jenelle Evans is on daddy #3 and Leah Messer has three children with two different dads. While it's a fun fantasy to run off and have a new romance, making babies and playing house, rarely do old problems not resurface. A strong and stable relationship takes commitment, time and emotional maturity.

2.) Babies Having Babies
While many women are very successful and stable in their twenties, being a 30-something can look and feel a heck of a lot different than the decade following the teenage years. Many high school lovebirds report regret about getting married to their high school sweethearts and divorce rates are much higher for 20-somethings. The average age for first divorce is 30. Starter marriages are especially vulnerable to demise. Most of the teen moms are around age 25 with two to three children.

3.) Stupid is as Stupid Does
While Maci Bookout claimed that she was shocked by conceiving a child due to a battle with PCOS--it's questionable why she would assume she was at a low pregnancy risk when she had no problems having first son Bentley. Common sense would indicate that her body was perfectly capable of carrying a child. Kailyn Lowry also claims complications and a miscarriage led her to believe her pregnancy odds were low despite having already carried and birthed two children. While many women can struggle with fertility issues after bearing children, the body is actually primed to reproduce again. See Irish Twins

4.) First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes the Baby...
The teen moms don't subscribe to the idea of love, marriage and then starting a family. Many completely reverse the whole equation. Children from married two-parent households are more likely to attend college, be physically and emotionally healthier, have a decreased risk of divorce, are less likely to become pregnant as a teen, are less likely to be abused sexually and are less likely to be raised in poverty.

5.) Monitoring Mistakes
Part of growing up is learning from mistakes and making improvements in one's life and behavior. The teen moms all seem to have a penchant for rocky romances, oopsie babies and poor partner picking. Some are loved up and others are desperate for attention and help. Whether they're making impulse decisions about drugs, dudes or dalliances, it seems that for the many faces of teen mom--none are particularly stellar at decision making. Whether it's self-sabotage, immaturity or lack of foresight, the teen moms all seem to be cast perfectly in a program about the damaging and often devastating aftershocks of premarital procreation.

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