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4 Most Shocking Hair Transformations of 2017 (So Far)

While the new year has barely begun, there are still many celebrities who have decided 2017 is the year for a new look and new image. While Kim Kardashian teased that she went bleach blonde again, it appears that Kimmy was just playin with us. Still, there are a few more daring stars who have truly reached for the peroxide and shears and have suffered the consequences.

Here are the 4 Most Shocking Hair Transformations of 2017 (So Far):

1.) Katy Perry
Perhaps this Roar singer is desperate for some media buzz? Maybe Lady Gaga is getting too much attention in the 'eccentric pop star' category? Maybe Ms. Perry wants to return to her roots? No matter, Katy is looking bleached to the extreme--with hair looking more like a style for an aging grandma who went overboard with perm processing. Karma is a b*tch and Perry who frequently dissed Britney Spears for shaving her head--might just end up in the barber chair herself.

2. Bella Thorne
Hardly recognizable from her usual ginger self, Bella Thorne looks like a part-time employee at Spencer's with her new ombre greenish blue hairstyle. Hardly flattering, slightly goth and deeply confusing, this unnatural hair shade make us question whether Ms. Thorne was cast in some teenage angst-ridden drama with a proverbial 'dye hair in act of total rebellion' scene. Also, is it just us or did Bella also get some facial fillers or add a few piercings??

3. Emilia Clarke
Known her striking beauty and role as the ultimate bleach blonde Khlaseei in Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke is like Rachel McAdams 2.0. While Clarke is blessed with cherubic cheeks, glowing skin and piercing crystal green eyes, her latest 2017 hairdo is bad news. A short brown bowl haircut with bangs makes this actress look like she had an aspiring hairstylist sister try out a new cutting technique on her forehead fringe. Ugh.

4. Olivia Wilde
Maybe this is more shocking than Katy Perry. More appalling than Bella Thorne. More devastating than Emilia Clark. Olivia Wilde took her gorgeous long brown and shiny tresses and chopped it all off for a bad rocker haircut with some serious blonde ambition. We sincerely hope this chop and accompanying yellow-white hair is for some role about working as a waitress in an 80s nightclub.

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